Why I’ve already sold my Xbox Series X – Reader’s Feature

A reader explains why he’s disappointed by his day one experience with the Xbox Series X and how he blames himself for falling for the hype.

Before anyone starts to complain, this isn’t some fanboy rant. I may get a PlayStation 5 in the future but I have no plans at the moment and no strong loyalty to either Microsoft or Sony. However, I do regret buying an Xbox Series X. Or rather I regret falling for the hype even though everything that disappoints me about the new console was obvious long before now and I really should’ve known better.

I’m not exactly going out on limb by saying that the Xbox Series X doesn’t have any games but the reality of the situation didn’t really hit home until I had the console sitting there under the TV ready to play and I put on Gears 5 and… it looked like an Xbox One game. Sure it, looked like a really good Xbox One game but having not owned Microsoft’s previous console I hadn’t played it before and was hoping for more.

I tried Ori And The Will Of The Wisps and, again, it looked good on my 4K TV but I’d already played Ori And The Blind Forest on my Switch and it was very obvious to me that this was essentially the same thing again, just with higher resolution graphics.

At this point I began to wonder to myself why I’d done this. It wasn’t Microsoft’s fault. They hadn’t lied about anything or put out any misleading advertising. But I’ve been a gamer for the last 20 years, I always get at least one new console from a generation at day one and, feeling the PlayStation 5 games were too expensive, I picked the Xbox Series X.

I always liked the idea that it was the most powerful console, which sealed the deal when it came to third party games. Until I realised there weren’t really any of those I was interested in either. All that’s coming out this month is Assassin’s Creed and Call Of Duty, which I haven’t played in years, and Cyberpunk 2077 in December is the only thing for the rest of the foreseeable that has me excited.

That’s the one thing that made me question my decision but considering the proper next gen version isn’t coming out until next year I decided to just sell the Xbox Series X and maybe think again at that point.

Maybe I’ll get the PlayStation 5, as its launch games have been getting better reviews than I expected, but the price just seems such a put off. I wish Sony had done its own version of Game Pass, as it would have made this whole decision so much easier.

Instead, you’ve got to choose between a load of games you’re not interested in for ‘free’ or a bunch of games you do want to play for a small fortune. What a choice!

I should’ve just waited. Especially with these reports of hardware problems with both consoles. I should’ve just waited and got one later when they both had games, they both had the wrinkles ironed out, and maybe even they were a bit cheaper.

The thing is I’ve never felt this before, even though, let’s face it, console launches are usually not that great. Maybe I’ve lost my gaming mojo but it felt like it was still there when I pre-ordered and yet now I just don’t seem to care so much.

So I’ve already sold the Xbox Series X and I actually made a little profit from doing so. But when I buy a replacement in the new year I’m going to think a lot harder about it and what I’m actually buying it for, rather than the sake of just saying I own one.

By reader Crispin


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