Wild Hearts: Ragetail Boss Fight Guide

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The Ragetail is the first large Kemono you will face in Wild Hearts. This massive rat has fused with the natural landscape of its surroundings, growing flowers around its body. Its tail has grown into a mace-like plant that it uses for brute-force attacks.

As the first large Kemono you fight, the Ragetail isn't too difficult to deal with. It has some high-damage attacks that can be hard to see coming, but these leave wide openings for counterattacks. Below, we'll take a look at everything you need to know before hunting the Ragetail, including its weaknesses, attacks, and drops.

Ragetail – Strengths And Weaknesses

  • Attribute – Wood
  • Soft Parts – Head
  • Attribute Weaknesses – Fire
  • Ailment Weaknesses – Ablaze, Frozen, Entangled
  • Attribute Resistances – Wood, Water, Wind, Earth
  • Ailment Resistances – Poison, Fatigue
  • Physical Effectiveness – Slash, Pummel

The Ragetail is especially weak to Fire attribute damage and the Ablaze ailment. Its weakest point is its head, where it will take the most damage from attacks, while the glowing blue spots on its hind legs and side are weak to your Hunter Arm, allowing you to easily mount the Kemono and draw out Karakuri Thread. In general, any weapon type will deal good damage to the Ragetail, but Slash and Pummel weapons have a slight advantage.

Best Equipment To Fight Ragetail

The Ragetail's attribute is Wood, meaning armor that resists this attribute will provide the most defense. Since the Ragetail is the first large Kemono you fight, you probably won't need to craft a full set of Wood resistant armor, but it can be a nice bonus if you're struggling. The Fresh Fern set has good Wood resistance and can be easily crafted using materials found around the map or from small Kemono.

As for your weapon, choose the one that feels the best to use. For your first hunt, you will only have access to five weapons, and you won't be able to upgrade them much without hunting more Kemono. However, if you're fighting the Ragetail later on, weapons that have high fire damage work best, especially when paired with the Torch Karakuri.

Ragetail – Fight Breakdown And Moves

The Ragetail is an aggressive Kemono, but leaves large openings after most of its attacks. It will mainly attack with its large tail, but will use some forward-charging attacks as well, allowing it to quickly move around the battlefield.

Its double bite attack has the Ragetail lunge forward slightly, dealing low damage twice but will knock you down if you are hit. While the Ragetail is using this attack, you can freely hit it on its sides or back. Similarly, its forward charge attack deals high damage while it moves forward, but leaves the Kemono vulnerable to its sides and back while it's moving. Exploiting these openings is the key to victory.

Occasionally, the Ragetail will swipe its tail to the front, dealing damage in a large area around itself. Dodging to the side or behind the Kemono will allow you to remain in position for a counterattack. Additionally, the Ragetail raises its tail high into the air before slamming it down in front of its head, dealing high damage. Dodge slide or use a Spring Karakuri to get out of the way, but remain close to its back to counterattack.

After the Ragetail has taken enough damage, it will enter its enraged state. During this time, the white flowers on its side will bloom, and its tail and mouth will glow red. While enraged, the Ragetail attack much faster, and will use a few new attacks.

The Ragetail's main enraged attack will have it perform a spinning dance, weaving wood from the earth into a massive tree that deals high damage and knocks you back. When the Ragetail starts performing this dance, it's best to get out of the way, positioning yourself for a quick counterattack after the tree is summoned.

Additionally, while enraged, the Kemono's tail will occasionally increase in size, allowing it to perch on it. When this happens, the Ragetail will leap high into the air before slamming its enlarged tail on the ground, dealing high damage in the area. When you see the Ragetail sit on its tail, get ready to dodge out of its way. A few Crates or Springs will be helpful to avoid this attack.

Ragetail – Drops And Materials

Upon successfully hunting the Ragetail, you can obtain the following materials. These are mainly used in conjunction with Sapscourge materials to craft the Young Samurai armor set, but they have other uses as well, such as Wood attribute weapons.

  • Ragetail Plum
  • Ragetail Pelt
  • Ragetail Fang
  • Ragetail Claw
  • Rare Ragetail Pip
  • Young Warrior Teardrops
  • Young Warrior Kemono Blood
  • Small Plum Scent Crystal

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