Witcher 3: A Guide To The Final Quest In Blood & Wine

The Blood & Wine expansion was first released back in 2016 and adds an extra 20 hours of content to the base version of The Witcher 3. It provides a whole new area as well as new weapons, contracts, treasure hunts, side quests, and, perhaps best of all, a brand new storyline. It’s made up of 16 quests – the last of which is called “Be It Ever So Humble…”.

In order to gain access to the quest, players will first need to complete all of the other Blood & Wine story quests. They must also have finished “Something Ends, Something Begins” from the game’s main storyline unless they’re playing through the standalone version of Blood & Wine.

To begin the quest, players need to head home to Corvo Bianco. Upon arriving, they will find Barnabas-Basil Foulty waiting outside and he will inform Geralt that there is a visitor waiting inside. He won’t say who it is, most likely because there are several different possibilities depending on the choices that the player has made during their playthrough.

The possibilities are as follows:

Triss – Players will find Triss waiting for them if they were able to successfully romance her during their playthrough of the game.

Yennefer – Players will find Yennefer waiting for them if they were able to successfully romance her during their playthrough of the game.

Ciri – Players will find Ciri waiting for them if either both or neither of Triss and Yennefer were successfully romanced and Ciri became either a Witcher or the Empress.

Dandelion – Players will find Dandelion waiting for them if either both or neither of Triss and Yennefer were successfully romanced and Ciri never returned. Dandelion will also show up if players are doing a Blood & Wine standalone playthrough.

Upon entering, there will be a short greeting before Geralt suggests that the pair take the conversation outside. Players will then have a chance to talk to their companion about a number of different topics which vary depending on who turns up.

Triss confesses her concerns about the current peace while Geralt takes the opportunity to remind her of her actions at the ball. There’s plenty of flirting between the pair and she makes it clear that she hopes that Geralt will at some point return with her to Kovir. Yen also talks about her plans with Geralt as well as her plans for the future in general.

The conversation with Ciri is a little different depending on whether she became a Witcher or the Empress. If she returns as a Witcher, she tells Geralt about her experiences so far. Although she seems happy, she’s already encountered her fair share of hate from ordinary people. Otherwise, she will talk about her reservations about ruling and hints that she may give it up at some point. The pair also discuss her father and the possibility of his return and she offers Geralt a job at the court, which he quickly but politely declines.

The conversation with Dandelion is probably the most interesting. He tells Geralt that things haven’t been going too well without him and that Priscilla was attacked in the street. Geralt apologizes for having not been there to help and then the pair catch each other up on their adventures since their last encounter. They also reminisce a little before Geralt excuses himself from the conversation.

Although there is a little bit of variation depending on the scenario, the conversations all last around five minutes and serve as a fitting ending for each character. While not all of Geralt’s companions are happy, the one thing that remains consistent across all five potential outcomes is that Geralt seems perfectly content with his new life.

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