Wizards Of The Coast Has Reportedly Scrapped Five Video Game Projects

It's been reported that Wizards of the Coast has cancelled at least five video game projects as it seeks to scale back ambitions in the industry. At least 15 people are expected to lose their job at the company, although they will reportedly be given the chance to reapply for new roles.

According to Bloomberg's report, developers called Otherside Entertainment and Hidden Path Entertainment are expected to be hit hardest by the shuffle, as both both are apparently working on games for Wizards of the Coast. In a statement to Bloomberg, Wizards of the Coast has said that it remains "committed to using digital games," explaining that the cancellations have been made to "focus on games which are strategically aligned with developing our existing brands."

Wizards of the Coast has been attempting to break into the games industry for a while now, although it's yet to have a breakout title. Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance which launched in 2021 is the most recent release, although both fan and critical reception left a lot to be desired. It's unclear what games the company has in the works at the moment, although two titles include Dungeons & Dragons-themed Baldur's Gate 3 and an unnamed triple-A title from the developers of Dark Alliance.

This news comes amongst a rough financial period for Wizards of the Coast owner Hasbro, as Magic: The Gathering's chaotic release schedule was cited as the cause of the company's plummeting stock value back in November. It's unclear as to whether this has caused the company to scale back its ambitions in the video game industry, although it is another worrying sign for a company that is struggling at the moment.

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