Wolfenstein: The New Order – All Letter Locations

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  • Chapter One – Oskar’s Letter
  • Chapter Two – Izabela’s Letter
  • Chapter Three – Roman’s Letter
  • Chapter Four – Erdmann’s Letter
  • Chapter Seven – Bobby’s Letter
  • Chapter Eight – Christa’s Letter
  • Chapter Nine – Charlotte’s Letter
  • Chapter Ten – Ingrid’s Letter
  • Chapter 13 – Dieter’s Letter
  • Chapter 15 – Max’s Letter

Wolfenstein: The New Order isn't just about shooting Nazis — it's also about stabbing, running over, exploding, and finding several other methods of killing Nazis, too. But aside from that, it portrays the lives of individuals living in this terrifying alternate reality with gravitas and sincerity, through newspaper clippings, NPC conversations, and hidden letters.

These collectable letters give you a snapshot of different people from unique backgrounds, recording tangible experiences in this fictional world. There are ten letters in total scattered throughout the game. In this guide, we'll explain where to find each one and which chapter each letter is in.

Chapter One – Oskar’s Letter

After dealing with the first AA gun, head next door and go upstairs through the left passage to reach a long room with enemies. Go to the end of the raised platform and look right into a dormitory. The letter is on the bottom bunk of the back-right bunk beds.

Chapter Two – Izabela’s Letter

To get this letter, you’ll need to go to the ground floor of the asylum and into the dispensary on the east side of the building — opposite the windows. Inside here, there’s a locked hatch between two cabinets.

Go into the striped-green hallway and climb the stairs until you find a crack in the bend — looking into the secret room. Shoot off the lock then go back into the dispensary and through the open hatch. The letter is on a box next to the mattress.

Chapter Three – Roman’s Letter

Before interrogating the Nazi officer in Anya’s grandparents’ basement, you’ll need to grab some eye protection. In the desk with the chainsaw on it, open the top right drawer to find a pair of goggles and before you grab the chainsaw, grab the letter that was underneath the goggles.

Chapter Four – Erdmann’s Letter

As the mission starts, head across the roof from your balcony to the next one across and go inside the room. As you enter, the letter is on the coffee table to your right.

There are no letters in Chapter Five or Chapter Six.

Chapter Seven – Bobby’s Letter

When you start back at the hideout, turn around from where Anya is sitting to face the table, then go to the bed and find the letter next to the pillow.

Chapter Eight – Christa’s Letter

After finding Set Roth, he’ll want you to enter the security building and disable the security systems. After you’ve done this, head inside the building where you found Seth and go to the first bunk on the left wall.

Talk to the lady on the bottom bunk, who’ll ask you to get medicine. Head back into the security building to the first aid room on the top floor — near the catwalk. Once there, grab the medicine on the desk to your left, then return to the woman to receive the letter.

Chapter Nine – Charlotte’s Letter

When you start the chapter, look at the bed Klaus is sitting on. To his left on a stack of papers, is Charlotte’s letter.

Chapter Ten – Ingrid’s Letter

Once you’re through the first locked sewer gate, hug the left wall and look for a cavern next to a pipe — there should be some white light coming through the cave. Swim through the underwater cave and eventually, you’ll surface next to a secret room.

The letter is beside the mattresses, next to the oil barrel.

There are no letters in Chapter 11 or Chapter 12.

Chapter 13 – Dieter’s Letter

During the chapter, you’ll pass through a decontamination chamber into a circular room with a cylinder of white light in the middle — it’s also home to two commanders. Once you’ve dealt with the enemies, head upstairs and into the rooms with the two large windows.

In the second room, look at the back left desk next to the doorway. The letter is on this desk.

There is no letter in Chapter 14.

Chapter 15 – Max’s Letter

Head upstairs to Max’s room (it’s the one between Blazkowicz’s and Klaus’ rooms), the last letter is on the floor next to his bed.

There is no letter in Chapter 16.

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