Work Out Your Anger Issues With This Aggretsuko Card Game

An aggressive card game based on the adorable heavy metal fox Aggretsuko is coming this year. Fans can pre-order it now, but at the moment it’s only available in the United States.

Most people can relate to the grind of a 9-5 gig. Somedays you just want to scream, and that relatable sentiment is expressed in hilarious form through Sanrio’s Aggretsuko character. Unlike Hello Kitty and the other Sanrio cuties, Aggretsuko is known for harboring rage underneath her petite exterior.

This duality between mild-mannered office work and outbursts of anger is reflected in the card game, Aggretsuko Work/Rage Balance. Three to six players take up the mantle of Aggretsuko or one of her co-workers. Five rounds represent the work week, and players compete to be the first to clear their workload by emptying their hands. Those left behind might be forced into overtime. Players can rage to temporarily escape the pressure, but that comes with its own consequences.

Aggretsuko Work/Rage Balance promises a fast-paced experience, with a 30-minute playtime estimate. The fact that it’s capped to five rounds enforces this, making the game seem like a good option for warm-up at the start of game night. It’s currently up for pre-order through the Renegade Games site, and you can even peek at the rules to see if it appeals to you.

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