World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight – 10 Most Useful Toys

Toys in World of Warcraft are often sought after for their random appearance effects and interactive pass-times, bringing entertainment in many forms. You won’t be surprised to hear that toy items added in Dragonflight don’t take themselves too seriously either. Notfar’s Favorite Food induces a bout of flatulence, Shuffling Sands transforms you into a dancing fiend, and Aquatic Shades will ensure your character always looks fabulous, just to name a few.

Over the years, WoW has also added toys that provide extra utility for your character. Whether you’re a returning player looking to grab the Joy of Toy achievement or a new player starting to quest, collecting Dragonflight’s most practical toys will enhance your Dragon Isles experience.

10/10 Tuskarr Traveling Soup Pot

The Iskaara Tuskarr reside in the Azure Span at their home base of Iskaara. Increasing your Renown to four with the Tuskarr will unlock this soup pot item for purchase from Lil Ki, which according to its description, “increases the Versatility of those nearby by one and allows cooking.”

Versatility is a secondary attribute that grants you improved damage and healing and a reduction in damage taken. This pot’s small buff is a better alternative to setting down a normal campfire, and considering it's available at a low Renown level, you can add it to your collection early in your Dragonflight journey.

9/10 Everlasting Horn of Lavaswimming

Exploring in WoW is a fun way to find hidden mounts, useful resources, or secret chests, but sometimes the natural elements will get in your way. Lava, in particular, will damage your character the longer you swim in it.

The Everlasting Horn of Lavaswimming solves all your lava-related problems, and it drops from the strongbox granted after you complete the Dragonbane Keep event in the Waking Shores. Upon using the horn, your character will become immune to lava outdoors in the Dragon Isles for ten minutes. If you see lava in your future, such as when you need to interact with the Empowered Snail to obtain the Magmashell mount, this horn will see that you survive.

8/10 Taivan's Trumpet

Who’s the goodest boy in Dragonflight? If you answered Taivan, you’d be correct. Taivan is a large red dog located in the Ohn’ahran Plains. Completing the heartfelt quest chain, Taivan’s Purpose can not only make you cry, but it will help you complete the Sojourner of Ohn’ahran Plains achievement and reward you with Taivan’s Trumpet.

Blowing the trumpet will summon Taivan at your location, activating the Cozy Fur buff, which increases your versatility secondary stat by one. However, the true perk is that you and your friends can pet Taivan, reminding him he’s the best boy.

7/10 Black Dragon's Challenge Dummy

Dragonflight’s new talent system increases the number of situational builds you can design for your character. With so many choices, it’s wise to test out your keybinds and rotation of abilities before jumping into a dungeon or PvP battleground, and in that case, you’ll want to have access to a target dummy.

If you’re away from a major settlement like Valdrakken, the Black Dragon’s Challenge Dummy allows you instant access to a dummy. Adorned in gold armor, the dummy can be damaged and healed by opposing roles. It’s only usable outdoors and lasts for five minutes with a cooldown of one hour, so be sure to use it wisely.

6/10 Tuskarr Dinghy

Unless your character’s class has access to water walking — a utility spell that allows you and others to walk on water — elixirs, mounts, and toys are your next best alternatives to avoid swimming.

The Tuskarr Dinghy is a small boat that lets you raft across water. It comes in handy for leveling your fishing profession and provides swift travel, as jumping while paddling the raft will allow you to move up to 130 percent faster. Talk to Ruriq in The Azure Span to start the Kauriq Gleamlet questline that will unlock the River Rapids Ride; once you catch enough fish, you’ll reach the River Rapids Wrangler achievement, which rewards you with the dinghy.

5/10 Convergent Prism

Crafted by WoW jewelcrafters, this prism beams out a precise ray of light that is visible to you and your party or raid members. The benefits of this item may not be clear initially, but it can be put to practical use.

For instance, if your raid group is continuously wiping on a Vault Of The Incarnates boss, the raid leader can demonstrate mechanics and strategies using the prism’s guiding light prior to your next pull. You also have options to tilt, rotate, and change the color of the prism’s beam, giving you further ways to effectively utilize the item.

4/10 Ohuna Perch

If you played World of Warcraft: Legion, you’ll remember Katy’s Stampwhistle, a toy that calls forth the postmaster’s assistant to fulfill your mail services for ten minutes. Accessing your mail away from an inn lets you conveniently retrieve items, toys, and gold waiting for you.

Dragonflight’s version of Katy’s Stampwhistle is the Ohuna Perch, which is granted once you reach Renown 14 with the Maruuk Centaur faction. The summoned ohuna bird delivers and retrieves mail for ten minutes, but do note that it shares a cooldown with Stampwhistle, so you’re limited to using one or the other.

3/10 Rock of Appreciation

You’ll receive the Rock of Appreciation as a token of thanks after saving innocent creatures during the Emotional Support Companions quest at Ridgewater Retreat. You’ll find these critters are very grateful for your help, and you’ll be able to call on them using this toy.

Using the rock will spawn a Feast of Appreciation at your location, and eating from the feast grants you the Nibbling buff, restoring your health and improving your stamina. This is best used when you need an extra stat boost before heading off into battle.

2/10 Dragon Tea Set

In an expansion all about dragons, it’s only fitting that you serve tea with your Dragon Tea Set. This set is complete with a teapot, teacup, and spoon, and is available as a reward from the To Cook With Finery quest. Alternatively, you can purchase it from Erugosa in Valdrakken after increasing your Renown to three with the Valdrakken Accord.

Drinking tea is an effective way to decompress after all that questing you’re doing in the Dragon Isles, but it also comes in handy when you’re low on mana. If you’re in a bind without conjured mana buns or a flask, the small amount of mana you gain when drinking from the Dragon Tea Set can save you from going OOM (out of mana).

1/10 Iskaara Tug Sled

Toys featuring social features bring additional friendly fun to World of Warcraft. The Iskaara Tug Sled is a brown wooden sled best used with a friend. Once summoned, it will appear behind you with your character holding the rope attached to it. Another payer can interact with the sled to hop on it, and they’ll enjoy the ride as you pull them around.

Once you reach Renown 25 with the Iskaara Tuskarr faction, you’ll be able to buy the tug sled from Kiopo in the Azure Span. Be sure to grab it — you never know when you’ll need to pull a friend around the Dragon Isles.

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