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Fighting the forces of evil can make any adventurer hungry, which is why almost every MMORPG has some variation of a Cooking profession. In World of Warcraft, Cooking isn't just fun, it's an important secondary skill that should be a priority for every character.

Dragonflight saw a lot of positive changes to the game. Cooking also went through a lot of tweaks and improvements, so before something as glamorous as dragon-riding distracts our attention, let's walk through a Cooking guide for the most recent incarnation of World of Warcraft.

Cooking in Dragonflight

Like many other professions, Cooking has gone through some changes since Dragonflight dropped. The Cooking UI now offers you a place to put your accessories and tools along with tracking all your culinary knowledge and progress.

Lists of recipes are organized by zone, following the path left by previous expansions, and these different regions are organized in your Cooking window. The Filter option on the top is used to show you which recipes you know for which region.

Cooking Quests

  • Daily Quests. Find these in the major cities, offered by the same NPC that teaches Cooking. The low-level quests award a point to your Cooking skill and a bag of accessories. Higher-level cooking quests award special regents and rare recipes.
  • Clamette Surprise. It used to be that completing this quest was mandatory to learn Expert cooking. It's no longer required but still highly recommended to learn the recipe Clamette Magnifique.
  • Legion Cooking Research. As soon as you randomly find a Cooking recipe in a Legion-related zone, an NPC named Nomi will appear with a quest. You have to learn six Legion Cooking recipes to unlock Work Orders and Nomi's Test Kitchen.

Cookbooks, Recipes, And Achievements

  • Epicurian Awards. This is the currency rewarded for completing high-level Cooking quests. They can be used to purchase recipes and ingredients.
  • Hail To The Chef. There's a long list of Cooking Achievements for every zone and expansion, but if you complete the 11 under the "Hail to the Chef" tab, you get the Chef title.
  • Sunsong Ranch. A plot of land in Pandaria in which you can grow your own vegetables for Cooking.
  • Tome of Unspeakable Delicacies. A tome of forbidden concoctions. Find it by killing Acolytes of N'Zoth in the Shadowlands until it drops.
  • Nomi's Test Kitchen. Finish a quest called All Grown Up to help Nomi open her test kitchen, so you can use it to discover new recipes that you'll need to complete Legion Cooking.

The Cooking Trainers

You'll be trained in Classic and Cataclysm when you first learn the Cooking profession. It takes some traveling to find trainers from other expansions. Some of these zones scale with your level so you can visit them and learn the recipes anytime, but others are not accessible until at least level 45.

Making some of the recipes might not be level restricted, but the consumables often are. Not all of the recipes and the skills needed to obtain the ingredients are restricted by level, but some of the areas where you find them are. You won't be able to learn any local recipes or grind up your level for a zone until you get training for that area.

Classic And Cataclysm

Every capital city in the Eastern Kingdoms has a cooking trainer, and many of the smaller ones as well. You don't have to visit all of them for training or recipes. However, here are a few that all aspiring chefs should visit at some point.





Stephen Ryback

Old Town, Stormwind


Not a trainer, but a vendor of a whole volume of recipes that date back to the game's Classic days.

Daryl Riknussun

The Great Forge, Ironforge


Trains the Cooking skill and has the daily quest. His friend downstairs sells recipes.

The Chef

Brill, Tirisfal Glades


The first trainer most Forsaken players find. He's across from the Riding trainer.


The Drag, Orgrimmar


Trains you in Cooking. Her two workmates sell recipes and regents.

Master Cooking, The Burning Crusade To Warlords Of Draenor

All of the following zones where you learn Cooking separately can be leveled at the same time as Classic and Cataclysm. Visit these specific trainers or find these special items in the open world to learn the local Cooking skill.

Cooking Zone




Jack Trapper

Shattrath City, Terrokar Forest


Katherine Lee (Alliance) Awilo Lon'gomba (Horde)

A Hero's Welcome The Filthy Animal



Byron Mehlsack

Tradewinds Market, Boralus


T'sarah, the Royal Chef

The Great Seal, Dazar'alor


"The Joy of Draenor Cooking"

A random drop in Draenor.

Grand Master Cooking, Pandaria To Dragonflight

These Cooking zones are only available after your character reaches a certain level, and the trainers there won't teach you anything until then. All of these areas are neutral and can be accessed by both the Horde and Alliance.

Cooking Zone




Various trainers

Halfhill Market, Valley of the Four Winds


Chef Au'krut

Oribos, The Hall of Shapes



Rustbolt, Mechagon

Broken Isles

Various drops and Nomi

Any Legion-related area

The Dragon Isles

Head Chef Stacks

Dragonscale Basecamp or the Wingrest Embassy, The Dragon Isles

Leveling The Cooking Skill

The following guide assumes that you're levelling your Fishing skill at the same time as your Cooking. Any recipe at the same level will get you there just as quickly. However, this is the most highly recommended method to use, since you're grinding two birds with one stone.

Don't worry about buying books or finishing quests to level up. All you need is gold to cover the training and travel costs.

One way to go from 1 to 300 cooking in one day is during a World Event called Pilgrim's Bounty, which takes place in November. Each of the special holiday dishes is for a different level, starting at one, so you can use the festivities to max your level out. This only benefits the Classic and Cataclysm zones.

Classic and Cataclysm

Start with buying the recipes for Brilliant Smallfish, Longjaw Mud Snapper, and Bristle Whisker Catfish. Trade vendors and Fishing trainers in Brill and Goldshire have them.

When you reach Pandaria, where Cooking is more important to the local culture, you can learn recipes from different categories depending on the method of cooking used. There are six of these categories along with a whole library of recipes. In Legion Cooking, you can learn new recipes by sampling other dishes.

Cooking Level

Task or Goal

Apprentice, 1-75

Catch about 60 to 80 Small Brilliant Smallfish in any starting zone. Use the recipe to make this catch into Brilliant Smallfish.

Journeyman, 75-150

Learn the recipes for Longjaw Mud Snapper and Bristle Whisker Catfish. Catch and cook 60 Longjaw Mud Snapper.


Cook 30 or 40 Bristle Whisker Catfish to about 180. Learn the recipe for Mithril Head Trout, which can be purchased from a neutral vendor in Booty Bay. Cook enough to grind up to 225, which should be 50 or 60.

Artisan, 225-300

The recipe for Spotted Yellowtail is also available in Booty Bay. Cook about 60 of these to get to about 275. Travel to your faction's main outpost in Feralas to get the recipe for Baked Salmon. 30 or 40 portions should max out your Cooking skill.

Master, 300-375

Visit your faction's main bases in Zangarmarsh and Terrokar Forest and invest in the Cooking recipes and training before you begin. 40 portions each of Feltail Delight and Golden Fish Sticks should get you to 375.

Grand Master, 375-450

There are two Cooking trainers in Dalaran, one for each faction. Manta Ray is a good investment. Learn the easier Baked Manta Ray first to grind your skill to about 410. The more difficult Imperial Manta Steak will then get you to 450.

Illustrious Grand Master, 450-525

This is the point where you level the Cataclysm recipes. Visit any major city to buy recipes from Cooking vendors. Get Boiled Mountain Trout first, and go fishing until you have 40 trout to cook to get to 475. Get the Lurker Lunch Recipe next, and repeat the process with Striped Lurkers to reach 525.

Zen Master, 525-600

Fish up about 140 Golden Carp and 80 Emperor Salmon. Toasted Fish Jerky is an easy recipe learned from a trainer. Learn Golden Carp Consumme, and use the rest of the carp to get to 580. Switch to Spicy Salmon to reach 600.

Draenor Master, 600-700

Sturgeon is the fish you're stockpiling for this, and you need 180 of them. Cook Sturgeon Stew and the more advanced Buttered Sturgeon to reach 700.

Legion Master, 700-800

The Stormray fish is used in three different recipes. Get 200 of them to make either Koi-Scented Stormray, Pickled Stormray, or the Seed Battered Fish Plate.

Shadowlands, 800-875

Start with 100 Lost Sole, a fish available in every area of this zone. Use this to make Biscuits and Caviar up to 830. Pick up the same amount of Pocked Bonefish and cook enough Cinnamon Bone Fish Stew to reach 860. Grind the rest of the way up with Fried Bonefish.

Dragonflight, 875-975

Grind the first 40 points with recipes like Twice Baked Potato and Pebbled Rock Salts. Vendors sell the ingredients. Stock up on Scalebelly Mackerel and make enough Salted Meat Mash to get to 960. The recipes to grind to 875, are fished up randomly and all of them use fish. Use whichever one you find first.

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