World of Warcraft: Dragonflight – Outlaw Rogue Complete Guide

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Outlaw Rogue has been a great class for some time now. With the release of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, Outlaw Rogue is looking better than ever. An alteration to talents and accessibility of abilities are just a few of the significant aspects of this new expansion.

As great as Outlaw Rogue has been in the past, it has seen even more significant improvements in damage output and ease of use. The ability to access talents from what only used to be Subtlety specialization creates some amazing possibilities for Outlaw to shine as one of the top DPS.

Why Outlaw Rogue?

Here are some great aspects of Outlaw Rogue and why it is a great class choice:

1. If you love a challenging rotation to master, then Outlaw Rogue may be the class for you, as some wonderful talent choice combinations make this class extremely fun. If you've played the Outlaw and Subtlety specializations before, this new Outlaw version is the best of both worlds. You'll need to be nimble with your fingers and accurate in timing abilities to make the most of your DPS output, with just the right amount of challenge to do great DPS.

2. Seeing big Critical Damage numbers is a reward in itself. The Outlaw Rogue Spec hits hard, and it hits fast. You will certainly be pleased with the extent and quality of the numbers popping up, and the challenge mentioned above is well worth the payoff.

3. Mobility is a big key aspect of any Rogue class. The Outlaw Rogue is a fast-attacking class that will give you plenty of time to move out of mechanics and danger, but you will rarely stay still. So, if you love the idea of a rapid, high-focus class, then Outlaw Rogue is a great pick.

Best Races For Outlaw Rogue

Though picking a race is up to player preference, you can certainly add to your Outlaw Rogue repertoire with some great racial abilities. Here are some races that can assist you in what Outlaw Rogues do best.

RaceRacial Passive NameRacial Passive Effect
HumanEvery Man For HimselfRemove all stun effects. Shares a cooldown of 90 seconds with similar effects.
OrcBlood FuryIncrease of Melee attack power.
Night ElfShadowmeldExtra ability to stealth, usable in combat, but unable to move and damage will break stealth.
TrollBeserkingMelee, ranged, and spell haste increase by 15 percent for ten seconds.
GnomeEscape ArtistEscape any immobilization or movement speed reduction effects.
UndeadWill Of The ForsakenRemove Charm, Fear, and Sleep Effects with a Cooldown of two minutes.

The choices here really come down to whether you desire stun and mobility reduction breaks or more/faster damage. The Night Elf Racial is unique but is a great way to reset a fight, disappear into your Stealth ability to come back for an Ambush, or run away to safety. Picking a race that makes you happy is the most important part, but you certainly won't mind if you have some extra abilities to add to your Outlaw Rogue Action Bar.

Outlaw Leveling And General Talent Tree

As you level, do your best to fill out these trees. On your adventures to level 70, you will certainly want to get Crimson Vial, Gouge, and Echoing Reprimand in your main tree. These will help you heal, interrupt enemies, and deal effective damage, all quite necessary for leveling. Some other notable Talents here are:

  • Nightstalker: While Stealth is active, your damaging abilities do eight percent more damage.
  • Shadow Dance: Allows the use of Stealth abilities and grants Stealth benefits.
  • Recuperator: Slice and Dice heals you for up to one percent of your maximum health every two seconds.

Other Talent Options To Consider

  • Alacrity: Finishing Moves have a five percent chance to grant one percent haste for 15 seconds stacking up to five times.
  • Deeper Stratagem: Gain one additional combo point. Finishing Moves that consume five combo points have increased effects and increased damage of five percent.
  • Lethality: Critical Strike increased by one percent, and Critical Strike Chance of Combo Point generating attacks increased by ten percent.

Outlaw Specialization Tree

The big talents in the Outlaw tree that are necessary are Blade Rush, Sepsis, and Dread Blades. These will help your damage output tremendously and are extremely fun to use. These are all damaging abilities and will ensure you burn down the enemy's health bar quickly, even if they are extremely powerful. Here are some other notable talents in this tree that will help any Outlaw build.

  • Roll The Bones: Roll the dice granting a combat enhancement for 30 seconds.
  • Loaded Dice: Adrenaline Rush causes your next Roll the bones to have at least two matches.
  • Improved Adrenaline Rush: Gain full Combo Points when Adrenaline Rush is used and when it ends.

Leveling is a great time to try out various builds or alterations of builds, to find out what works best for you, your playstyle, and your damage output. The option to change talents at any time is such a wonderful perk — just remember to save your builds, since you don't want to forget them if you create an overpowered one.

Outlaw Talent Tree For Dungeons And Mythic+

Any Outlaw adventuring into dungeons will want some AoE abilities to hit as many targets as possible. Not only is this talent tree build great for AoE with the help of Blade Rush and Precise Cuts, but its single-target damage output is also quite significant. The most important AoE abilities, alongside those previously mentioned, are Dancing Steel and Blade Flurry. These will ensure you can do some helpful AoE damage when taking out mobs.

Single target damage here comes from Hidden Opportunity, Greenskin's Wickers, and Shadow Dance. These will allow you to make the most out of your Ambush ability, especially when in Shadow Dance, as well as make the most out of Pistol Shot. You will find that this talent build shines in both AoE and single target, and really is the best of both worlds.

Outlaw Talent Tree For Raids

Focusing on single-target damage is probably the most important aspect when it comes to any DPS talent tree build. The key talents here change a bit from the previously mentioned builds, but will pay off when you are fighting one giant single enemy. The most notable are:

  • Ghostly Strike: Deals damage and increases the damage the enemy takes by ten percent for ten seconds.
  • Killing Spree: Teleport to the enemy and deal 21,000 damage over two seconds. If Blade Flurry is active it will hit up to four nearby enemies.
  • Count the Odds: Ambush and Dispatch have a ten percent chance to grant you a Roll the Bones combat enhancement you do not already have for five seconds. (This pairs great with Shadow Dance).

Half the battle here is knowing which abilities improve on each other. An example would be Blade Flurry and Killing Spree — a great single-target ability that becomes an AoE with the assistance of the other.

Outlaw Tree Necessary Talents And Notes

Talented abilities such as Shadow Dance are so important for any Outlaw Rogue, usually for reasons of survivability. To accompany talents like this, there are some others that are necessary picks, such as:

  • Cheat Death: Fatal attacks reduce you to seven percent of maximum health instead of killing you. This can only happen once every six minutes.
  • Roll the Bones: This is the cornerstone for any Outlaw Build.
  • Nimble Fingers: Reduces the energy cost of Crimson Vial and Feint so that you can use your energy to damage.
  • Adrenaline Rush: Increase Energy Regeneration rate by 60 percent and Maximum Energy by 50, as well as a 20 percent Attack Speed increase for 20 seconds.


The rotation for Outlaw Rogue may seem overwhelming at first, and depending on the build you are using, it may change slightly. The most important aspect of any Outlaw Rogue rotation is the maintenance, upkeep, and play of Adrenaline Rush and Roll The Bones.

These two abilities play off each other even more so when using the Loaded Dice talent, and it is important that you get this down first and foremost. It would be in your favor to start off any battle with Adrenaline Rush and then Roll The Bones, especially if using Loaded Dice. This will boost your DPS output tremendously.

Your main damaging combo point-generating abilities are Sinister Strike, Ambush, and Pistol Shot. You will want to use Sinister Strike as your main out-of-stealth damaging move. Pistol Shot is great if you are out of range — always use this when it lights up on your action bar and you are not capped on combo points. Lastly, Ambush will be your go-to combo point-generating ability when Shadow Dance is active.

Following this, aside from any interrupts needed to be used as necessary, the rotation will roughly look like this:

SequenceAbility Name
1.Adrenaline Rush
2.Roll The Bones
3.Slice and Dice
5.Sinister Strike/Pistol Shot (if lit up) to generate full combo points
6.Between the Eyes
7.Repeat step five
9.Shadow Dance (Use Ambush while this is active till full-on combo points, then use Dispatch, rinse and repeat till Shadow Dance ability is no longer active)
10.Repeat steps five through nine.

If Echoing Reprimand, Dread Blades, Sepsis, or Blade Rush are talented, you can fit all of these in between steps four and five in the same order given here. After first use, activate Echoing Reprimand and Dread Blades on cooldown.

If you can pair these together each time, that is even better. Use Sepsis for a large DoT, so don't use it if the enemy is about to die. Lastly, use Blade Rush on cooldown for single-target fights or when needed for AoE.

Some Tips

  • Always be sure to pop Roll The Bones when it is off cooldown unless Adrenaline Rush is close to being off cooldown as well. This is the only time you won't immediately use Roll The Bones since you will want Adrenaline Rush before your next Roll the Bones in this case. These two playing off each other is highly important.
  • Echoing Reprimand will enhance your Combo Point Finishers, so make sure you only use this at a time you know you can replenish Combo Points fast.
  • Echoing Reprimand and Dread Blades play off each other quite well. This will ensure fast combo point generation and combo point use for the most damage.
  • When using Shadow Dance, your Action Bar will change to your Stealth Action Bar. Practice on some target dummies and find the best way to set up your bars, so you always have access to the abilities you need when Shadow Dance is active.
  • Dispatch is your main Execution Combo Point Finisher. Use this every time, unless you can use Between the Eyes, as it is essential whenever it is off cooldown.


The best part of Outlaw Rogue is that there is only one simple macro needed to make the most of this class. It will cast Adrenaline Rush and Roll the Bones, one after another, with only one press of a button, and will essentially replace Adrenaline Rush on your action bar.

  • /cast Adrenaline Rush
  • /cast Roll the Bones

It may be helpful to use the Adrenaline Rush icon for this macro, so you know that is essentially the same thing. Another great Macro for Rogues who talent into Tricks of the Trade is:

  • /cast [@focus] Tricks of the Trade

This is great for Raids and Mythic+ dungeons, especially when you tend to pull aggro. The only additional note for this macro is to have your Tank set as your focus for this to work properly.

If you need assistance in creating Macros, feel free to check out our dedicated guide:

Stat Priority

The good news for Outlaw Rogues is that stat priority for Mythic+ and raiding is in the same order. With Agility as your primary stat, your secondary stats will take the order of importance of:

  1. Versatility/Critical Strike
  2. Mastery
  3. Haste

While this is the go-to for Outlaw Rogue stat priority, feel free to play around with it a bit and see what helps you survive the longest, deal the most damage, and attack the fastest.

Outlaw Rogue has a handful of attack speed bonuses in its passive and active ability repertoire already, hence, the focus is on hitting harder.


You will want to focus primarily on getting your priority secondary stats high enough to be effective, then focus on the other secondary stats to a percentage that works for you. The best Gems for Outlaw Rogue are the Resplendent Illimited Diamond (for your Primalist Gem), Deadly Alexstraszite, Stormy Malygite, Radiant Alexstraszite, and Radiant Malygite.

Keep in mind there are diminishing returns on stats. Being above 30 percent of any stat will see you take penalties on their effectiveness.


It is noteworthy that your enchants will differ depending on the crafting tier. Here are some of the most important Enchants for any Outlaw Rogue.

Gear SlotEnchant Name
CloakGraceful Avoidance
ChestWaking Stats
WeaponSophic Devotion
LegsFierce Armor Kit
BracersDevotion of Avoidance
RingsDevotion of Versatility
BootsWatcher's Loam

Phials for Outlaw Rogue

The best Phial for Outlaw Rogue is the Phial of Tepid Versatility. This will increase your Versatility by 745 for 30 minutes. Drinking another Phial stacks the time.

Combat Potions

The Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power will be the go-to potion for Raiding and Mythic+ content. This will increase your primary stat by 886 for 30 seconds. The cheaper version is called Elemental Potion of Power.

Health Potions

The main Health Potion for Outlaw Rogues is the Refreshing Healing Potion. The Potion of Withering Vitality is also a great option but it will cause a DoT for the amount healed over 15 seconds. Cloak Of Shadows can be used to nullify this DoT.

Weapon Buffs

Outlaw Rogues will want the Primal Whetstone or Primal Weightstone. Use the Primal Whetstone for bladed weapons and Primal Weightstone for blunt weapons, such as Maces. These will increase Attack Power by 135 for an hour.

Food Buffs

The best food buff for Outlaw Rogues comes from the Feast of Gluttonous Hedonism and the Revenge, Served Cold foods. The first is a feast for a Raid and grants 20 in a stat for one hour, the other is personal food and grants 45 Critical Strike and Versatility for one hour.


The best advice to gain gear when leveling through the Dragonflight zones is to do as many quests and dungeons as possible. You will gear fairly quickly, and your item level will skyrocket. However, your gear from Shadowlands Raids and Mythic+ will prove useful to about level 65.

Crafting gear is a great way to well…get geared! As an Outlaw Rogue, Skinning and Leatherworking are helpful professions, or you can buy crafted gear from the Auction House. You will make lots of gold as you level, so don't be afraid to spend.

Level 70 Endgame Gear

While you wait for Season One of Mythic+ and Raids, the best way to gain gear at level 70 is Heroic Dungeons, crafting, and World Bosses. Crafted gear will help you get the item level necessary to do the Heroic Dungeons and World Bosses. As of now, this is the best gear an Outlaw Rogue can get, and where to find it.

NeckTuskaar Bone NecklaceBrackenhide Hollow
HeadCrown of Roaring StormsRuby Life Pools
CloakMammoth-Trainer's DrapeNeltharus
ShouldersMantle of Yearned FreedomThe Azure Vault
WristFerocious Hyena HidebindersBrackenhide Hollow
ChestInvader's Firestorm ChestguardRuby Life Pools
LegsLavabearer LegwrapsNeltharus
GlovesSubjugator's Chilling GripsRuby Life Pools
BeltTroggskin WaistbandUldaman
BootsAncient RotwalkersBrackenhide Hollow
RingPlatinum Star BandAlgeth'ar Academy
TrinketGlobe of Jagged IceHalls of Infusion
TrinketBottle of Spiraling WindsThe Nokhud Offensive
RingEternal Sentry's RingUldaman
Main HandDragonscale Ripper/Refractions EdgeNeltharus/The Azure Vault
Off HandRot-Carved Totemic Shank/Croaking DaggerBrackenhide Hollow/Halls of Infusion

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