World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight Retribution Paladin Will Soon Be Reworked

The developer behind World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, Blizzard Entertainment, will soon be reworking the specialization Retribution Paladin. This particular build has been criticized by players for being one of the worst DPS specializations in the game, Retribution Paladins suffering from an exceptionally high death rate, among other problems. The rework is aimed at making the specialization a more competitive and viable choice for players.

The news comes from a lengthy post on the official forum. While the exact details of the rework have not yet been revealed, Blizzard has stated that a significant overhaul of the specialization’s abilities and gameplay style is currently in the works. According to the company, the intention is to make Retribution Paladins more appealing, providing players with a greater sense of satisfaction in their choice of specialization.

"Retribution Paladins currently have one of the highest death rates across all forms of content," Blizzard said about the matter. "For a plate wearing class with hybrid healing, this doesn't feel right. We're looking to strengthen them through a mixture of passive bonus and improvements to active abilities and cooldowns, while keeping the degree of challenge that results from being a melee-based spec."

The redesign is part of Blizzard's ongoing effort to keep World of Warcraft both fresh and engaging, having launched the game almost two decades ago now on November 23, 2004. The company has been continually updating and refining the game, Dragonflight being the latest of nine expansion packs in total.

The announcement about the rework has been well received by the community, players anxiously awaiting the changes that Blizzard has promised for the specialization. The post was only published a couple of days ago, but already has more than 500 mostly positive replies.

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