World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight – Trading Post Guide

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As the first content patch of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, patch 10.0.5 will see the introduction of the Trading Post. This new feature offers a variety of exciting new items to collect, and various activities to complete.

You’ll be able to earn new tokens to purchase items such as pets, mounts, cosmetic transmog items, and much more! Plus, items change every month so there is always going to be something cool for you to work towards in the game.

What Is The Trading Post?

The Trading Post is a new building that will be available in patch 10.0.5 in both Stormwind and Orgrimmar. They’ll be known as T&W (Tawny and Wilder) and Zen’shiri Trading Posts. The concept of them is quite simple, you complete objectives to earn a currency that can be used to purchase items. The great part is that everything in the Trading Post is completely cosmetic. Nothing, so far, has anything to do with player power. It’s simply a fun way to collect cool items.

Where Can You Find The Trading Post?

There are two Trading Posts, one for each faction. They are located in each faction’s capital city: Stormwind and Orgrimmar.

The Stormwind Trading Post is located just outside of the Mage District, right next to the entrance to the Stormwind Stockade dungeon. The Orgrimmar Trading Post can be found right outside Grommash Hold, left of the entrance.

How Does The Trading Post Work?

Trader’s Tender Currency

Each month, you’ll be awarded 500 Trader’s Tender for logging into the game. You’ll be able to earn another 1,000 for completing all the available activities. These tokens can be exchanged for items sold at the Trading Post. You’ll also receive a monthly reward for collecting 1,000 through your activities.

Note that these tokens are account wide, so they cannot be farmed multiple times on each character.

For example, the first reward you’ll receive in February 2023 will be the Ash'adar, Harbinger of Dawn mount. This spectral saber cat will be a fantastic addition to any mount collector’s journal.

Activities To Earn Trader’s Tender

To earn Trader’s Tender, you can complete objectives throughout the month. A lot of these are super simple and you’ll be doing them without thinking about it. This could be tasks such as resurrecting players, completing raids and dungeons, crafting items, completing quests, and so on.

Monthly Rotation

The items available at the Trading Post will rotate every month. Each month, there are expected to be around 15 items available at a time. If you miss out on items for whatever reason, you will still be able to collect them at a later date when they reappear.

Freezing Items

Another cool feature of the Trading Post is that you can freeze items. This means you can select one item a month to rollover to the next month. If you don’t have enough Trader’s Tender for an item, for example, this ensures you can get it next month without having to wait for it to become available again on the rotation.

What Can You Get At The Trading Post?

You can collect various items from the Trading Post. These include items such as transmog cosmetics, pets, mounts, weapon appearances, and more!

One of the highlights of the new Trading Post is the fierce saber cat mount Ash'adar, Harbinger of Dawn. This mount changes colour depending on the time of day, glowing white like the moon at night, and bright orange during the day.

February 2023 Trading Post Items


Cost (Trader's Tender)


Iridescent Warcloak


A pink cloak

Celestial Steed


A celestial horse mount

Fury of the Firelord


A flail weapon appearance



An ogre child battle pet

Ensemble: Swashbuckling Buccaneer’s Slops


Pirate transmog attire

Shattered Voidspire


Staff appearance

Operative’s Bandolier


Backpiece transmog

Infiltrator’s Bandolier


Backpiece transmog

Azure Scalesworn Longbow


Bow appearance

Shard of Frozen Secrets


Dagger appearance

Ensemble: Wanderer’s Rosy Trappings


Pink cloak appearance

Squires Warhammer


Two-handed mace appearance

Fetid Bouquet


Dark flowery off-hand appearance

Rosy Corsage


Flowery wrist appearance

Ensemble: Vagabond’s Rosy Threads


Pink cloak appearance

Can You Refund Items?

You may choose an item and realise later on that you might prefer something else. After you make a purchase, you’ll have two hours to return your item.

When Does The Trading Post Launch?

Revealed in the official announcement teaser trailer, the Trading Post will launch on February 1, 2023.

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