World Of Warcraft expansion is all about dragons – beta sign-ups available now

Blizzard has announced both a new dragon themed World Of Warcraft expansion and a returning one for World Of Warcraft Classic.

If you’re a regular World Of Warcraft player, we hope you like dragons because the game’s next expansion is all about them. Announced during a recent livestream, World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight will be bringing a host of new additions.

Aside from an updated user interface and bumping the maximum player level to 70, you’ll get to explore a new area called the Dragon Isles, which will be comprised of four different zones, allowing you to take to the skies on the back of your own dragon (the expansion is called Dragonflight after all).

Said dragons (or drakes as Blizzard calls them) can be fully customised and you’ll obtain one from each of the Dragon Isles’ four zones. Blizzard claims there are millions of possible combinations and that no two drakes can be the same.

The expansion will also introduce the first ever race/class combo: the Dracthyr Evoker, which can switch between human and dragon forms. They can attack enemies with their claws and breath fire but can also act as healers and use magic to support their allies.

For World Of Warcraft Classic players, you can look forward to another old expansion making a return in the near future. As a reminder, World Of Warcraft Classic is a recreation of the original game before it received any expansions.

Last year, Blizzard added The Burning Crusade, the first ever expansion, due to fan demand, and now it’s following that up with 2008’s Wrath Of The Lich King.

The expansion will be free for anyone already subscribed to World Of Warcraft and Blizzard will also offer a level 70 boost in case there are any newcomers who want to play the expansion with friends but haven’t played through The Burning Crusade.

As for release dates, Wrath Of The Lich King is slated to arrive later this year. Dragonflight lacks a release window, though, so that may not arrive until next year at the earliest.

That said, Blizzard will be running a Dragonflight beta in the future and you can sign up for a chance to participate via the official website. In-depth details on what to expect from Wrath Of The Lich King can also be found on Blizzard’s website.

World Of Warcraft and World Of Warcraft Classic are available on PC.

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