World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands – Arena 2v2 Composition Guide

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Arena Compositions can be difficult to arrange to make sure you get to the top. In World Of Warcraft, players will try a variety of compositions to win Arena Matches. From two DPS to two Healers, picking the right composition can really determine how far you make it in the ratings.

You and your partner can probably make it decently far on almost any given composition, but to make the most of your composition and reach those high ratings will take some careful strategy and choice in your classes. Having a solid strategy, knowing your enemy, and having knowledge of placement during a fight are the icing on the cake to your 2v2 composition.

Two DPS Composition

The strengths of a Two DPS composition is that it will have a lot of damage output and, in most cases, some great crowd control. When two DPS are together in 2v2 Arenas, crowd controlling (CCing) one target, while hopping on and downing the other as fast as possible is usually a pretty safe bet, since most classes won't be able to out-heal that kind of damage output.

This strategy may require some flexibility of either switching targets to DPS if that target won't go down, or being able to quickly swap targets to get those CCs off quickly and reliably. Knowing your enemy is half the battle, so make sure your know who is squishier, who will be a bigger pain to deal with, and who is carrying who on the other team.

The biggest strength of a Two DPS composition is the sheer damage output that it can muster, especially when done with proper strategy. Overall, this comp's strength and strategy is high burst damage.

The weaknesses of a Two DPS composition is that DPS is really your only tool to win. The enemy may pick the more squishy of you, or the one with the least amount of utility, to try and kill them first. The issue here comes from a lack of protection in heals, CC breaks, and retreats.

If you are playing a 2v2 DPS composition that doesn't have a DPS with heals such as Feral/Boomkin Druid, Retribution Paladin, or Discipline Priest, knowing when to run, hide, attack and defend is so important. The DPS classes who bring heals, no matter how small, to the 2v2 composition can really bring new windows of opportunity to continue the fight.

Making the most of the Line-of-Sight mechanic, and using objects to block players, will be your best friend in a Two DPS composition.

DPS And Healer Composition

The DPS and Healer 2v2 Composition is a burden to any opponent team. They have strengths in DPS and in long-running battles, making these pairings a pain to deal with. Some healer classes have some additional DPS to help in a 2v2 battle such as Druids, Priests, Monks, Shamans, and Paladins.

Especially with a high-end DPS who doesn't have a lot of self-heals, a Healer class that can also do some decent damage can make this composition a pain in anyone's Arena experience. A DPS with solid CC abilities and high DPS while being healed can certainly break the enemy morale down. Protecting the Healer, or the Healer using line-of-sight strategically so the DPS can continue applying pressure may prove troublesome, but can pay off in the long run.

This 2v2 composition has some weaknesses, however. A lack of another DPS class can make it hard to down an enemy if they are tanky enough, or if they can out-heal the DPS and break the CCs. If the Healer becomes overburdened with pressure while the DPS is taking a lot of damage, this can go downhill very quickly. Being aware of these weaknesses can help the decisions of battle and how to best position yourself and use your abilities to make the most of this composition's strengths and the enemy's weaknesses.

Healer And Tank Composition

A Healer and Tank Composotion has some great strengths. With heals and high tank-ability, this can be an annoying combo for any composition. DPS will have a hard time dealing with the CCs from the tank, not to mention their sheer tankiness, as well as dealing with the Healer out-healing their DPS while the tank is on their heels.

The strength in this composition is its utter sustainability, making it difficult for the opposing team to do much. This isn't the most popular composition by any means, but it does have its strengths in its survivability.

The weaknesses of this composition come in with its DPS. With neither class having a ton of DPS output, it can be tough to make any headway on the enemy team, especially if they have a healer as well. If either the tank or the healer gets CC'd for long periods of time, it can ruin the other's day. This weakness makes positioning and targeting strategy key in not letting this weakness be the end in Arena matches.

Tank And DPS Composition

The Tank and DPS composition can certainly be deadly. With the tank's survivability, CC abilities, and damage output, plus the DPS' sheer pressure and relentless attacks, it can prove a solid strategy to overwhelm the enemy.

The strengths in this composition lie in the CCs, damage output, and survivability. The tank will make sure that they survive and control the enemy in the fight while the DPS does what they do best. Much like a Two DPS composition, CCing one enemy while downing the other is a great way to work this, or if the DPS is confident they can kill and survive, possibly separating the fight into two 1v1 battles may be the way to go. CC and DPS will be your best friend in this composition, so put those strengths to use.

The shortcomings of this team are its lack of decent heals and if the DPS is targeted down the tank may not have enough DPS and survivability to continue the fight much longer. In most cases, the DPS will be targeted first and attempted to be downed quickly, making CCs and pressure from the tank that much more important. With that in mind, making the most of line-of-sight and knowing who to attack, who to CC, and when will help the weaknesses of this composition seem much less detrimental.

Other Compositions

The other 2v2 compositions can consist of two Healers and two Tanks. These aren't ideal or very popular, but they can work. The strengths of a two-healer compositions are that they have high survivability in healing and can be very hard to kill.

One of them will always be healing the other making that a difficult duo to deal with. At the same time, their lack of DPS may make the fight go absolutely nowhere. And if one gets CC'd and the other can't out-heal the damage, it is a recipe for defeat. If one of the Healers can do some decent damage such as Discipline Priest, this composition has the potential to do quite well.

The two Tank composition has its strengths in its CC and quality of being able to mitigate damage. This can be a pain for other teams by not being able to decide who to down first, and with well-placed CCs and swapping who is the focus of the fight this combo can be annoying to enemies.

Their overwhelming crowd control, damage mitigation, and pressure can make this one deadly, and annoying to deal with, combo. The weaknesses of this composition come in their lack of heals and possibly DPS output. They may lack the same amount of DPS as a DPS class, but together they may overcome that. The application of overwhelming pressure and both tanks working together to compensate for any potential lack of DPS may be enough to overcome this weakness.

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