World Of Warcraft’s Newest Expansion Has A Centaur-Only Dating Club

Those who have been traversing the lands of Warcraft with the most recent expansion have been making all sorts of discoveries, but the latest is rather romantic and exclusive to one of the game's races. World of Warcraft Dragonflight has been a hit so far with the fanbase and its inclusions such as a Centaur-only bar has been delighting players.

In the game players will encounter a bar popular with Centaurs. In fact if non-Centaurs enter one of the bar's staff (quite possibly the owner) will shout: "Four legs only! Out!" The Centaur friendly bar is found in the Ohn'ahran Plains of the Dragon Isles, in between Shady Sanctuary and Nokhudon Hold, and players have been joking that the bar could be a good place for Centaur romancing (thanks Gamesradar).

Those wanting to gain some sneaky shapeshifter access to the bar will be out of luck too with Blizzard having considered Druids who could transform into Centaur form. The bar's proprietor Quadra would not be so easily fooled, saying: "Nice try. Four legs and two arms. Please leave."

But there is a tricksy way to enter without being a Centaur. On Reddit, Warcraft player 'Kikiteno' discovered a way. "If you go slightly north of this place, you'll find a dead goblin with a clickable centaur costume," they wrote. "You can use it to talk to everyone inside the bar."

It's this attention to detail that has been impressing Warcraft players with the Dragonflight expansion. Many in the subreddit thread above have been commenting on their discoveries and sharing their experiences. It seems there's plenty of impressive details such as a side quest in Dragonflight's first area which is reserved for Rogues.

It is such little details that can add up and build into a more believable world and a centaur dating club, which has seen its share of pretend centaurs, would certainly aid in creating a magical atmosphere that contains its own kind of realism. Blizzard appears to have stepped up its game with Dragonflight and perhaps more such discoveries will be uncovered as players spend more time in it.

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