Xbox Game Pass Family Plan Is Now Available For Insiders In Ireland And Colombia

Xbox Insiders in Ireland and Colombia can now test a new plan for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that will allow them to add up to four different people to their subscriptions.

Announced via a blog post on the official Xbox website, Microsoft seems to be getting ready to launch a new Family Plan that was rumored to be in the works earlier this year. Insiders in Ireland and Columbia can invite people to their plans starting today, and can even invite people who aren't insiders themselves. However, they do need to be in the same country as you, so you can't add any overseas buddies at the moment.

If you're wondering how joining this preview may affect your current subscription, it seems that this plan will be a little bit more expensive. The price hasn't been revealed just yet, but current subscriptions to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be adjusted to match your new one. For example, if you have a month's worth of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate left, joining the preview plan will shorten that time to 18 days.

For those in Ireland and Colombia, before you rush to add your family and friends to the plan, be aware that this is a preview at the moment. You're testing something out for Xbox and that means there are several things that could go wrong. It's just something to keep in mind before you or anyone you know joins up to the preview.

Xbox doesn't reveal when the test will end or how long it will be before the new subscription plan comes to larger territories like the UK or the US, but the same report that accurately described the plan back in march claimed that it will be rolled out globally at some point later this year.

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