Xbox One Gears of War 5 tech test preload begins today ahead of start date and time

Xbox One Gears of War 5 tech test will soon be upon us, and ahead of the start date and time fans can preload the Gears 5 sneak peak.

The Gears of War 5 tech test is available to preload now ahead of the start date of Friday July 19.

The Gears of War 5 tech test begins at 10am pacific time on Friday, which is 6pm BST. It will finish at the same time on Monday July 22.

A second Gears of War 5 tech test will also run from Friday July 26 through till Monday July 29.

The Gears of War 5 tech test is not available to all Xbox One owners, with it exclusive to those that pre-ordered Gears 5 and Game Pass subscribers.

To preload the tech test simply search for Gears 5 on your Xbox One console or Windows 10 PC.

If you’re an Xbox Game Pass member, the Tech Test will be available to download in your library.

Fans were told what they can expect from the Gears of War 5 tech test in a blog post written by The Coalition’s Dana Sissons.

In it Sissons wrote: “At E3, we unveiled a brand new way to fight the Swarm in Gears 5: Escape.

“We wanted to show how we’re pushing the envelope by doing new things never seen in a Gears game before, and that throughout the summer, we’ll reveal more about Gears 5 ahead of its September 10 release.

“We said that we’d talk more about the Versus Multiplayer Technical Test in July, and today we’re happy to provide more details on how you can be among the first to play Gears 5 and help create the future of Versus multiplayer.

“Multiplayer fans of all types can enjoy these weekend test sessions, as you’ll get to play Escalation (our updated competitive gametype) along with Arcade (a new and approachable multiplayer gametype) and a longtime fan favorite: King of the Hill.

“For players new to Gears or those that want to practice their skills and learn new mechanics we’ve added our new training mode – Bootcamp.

“The Tech Test also features a short Tour of Duty, which is a series of challenges for players to earn content – completing all of these challenges unlocks an exclusive Tech Test Banner.

“Players can also unlock three Versus Weapon Skins by completing some additional challenges.”

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