Xbox Series X CPU Shown Off For The First Time

It’s a big year for the Xbox brand, as Microsoft is launching its next-generation console–Xbox Series X–during the holiday season alongside the rival PlayStation 5. Now, for the first time, Microsoft has shown off the CPU for the Xbox Series X.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer updated his Twitter image to show off the next-gen CPU, which sports a copper color. As WindowCentral reports, the core component of the chip is much larger than that of the Xbox One X. It may produce more heat, which could be part of the reason why the Xbox Series X has been purposefully designed in an unusual to stay cool.

Spencer will literally walk around with the Xbox Series X chip in his pocket, just like he did with the Xbox One X chip before the console released, he said on Twitter. Spencer also shot down speculation that he’s attending CES 2020, saying he’s staying back at Microsoft HQ in Redmond, Washington. Some people speculated that there would be Xbox Series X news during the AMD CES 2020 keynote, but as of yet, that hasn’t happened (the show is ongoing).

The Xbox Series X launches in Holiday 2020. It might not be the only next-gen Xbox console on the way, as the Xbox Series X naming convention leaves room for other consoles as well. The Xbox Series X will also ship with a new controller that features a “Share” button, which is something that the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 has had since 2013.

For lots more on the Xbox Series X, check out GameSpot’s extended and exclusive breakdown.

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