Yakuza: Like A Dragon Gets Next-Gen Features Trailer Full Of Made Up Improvements

The latest Yakuza: Like A Dragon trailer makes a lot of unsubstantiated claims that we simply cannot confirm without ruining our journalistic integrity. But it is funny at least.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon is certainly coming to next-gen consoles, but it’ll arrive on the Xbox Series X first thanks to Microsoft’s backroom dealings with Sega. As one of the Series X’s few launch titles, we’ll get to see Yakuza in beautiful 4K at 60fps with better textures and near-instant loading times. Everyone else (not on PC of course) will have to enjoy Yakuza with previous-gen visuals.

However, the latest trailer for Yakuza: Like A Dragon points out that there are some game features that transcend hardware requirements. For example, “immersive roleplay” where a bunch of grown-ass men roll around in diapers pretending to be infants, or “next-gen crustacean AI” where a lobster comes shooting across the screen to denude your enemies of their noses.

Although, I’d hasten to point out that the pinnacle of crustacean AI is still Fight Crab. Yakuza: Like A Dragon seems to have at least had its AI inspired by Fight Crab, so we’ll give them a pass this time.

“Cutting edge hairstyles” and “highly shareable shenanigans” are dubious claims at best, what with Horizon Zero Dawn featuring perhaps the best hair physics the world has ever seen, while puppy Instagram filters are hardly new to games in general.

“Lightning-fast party support” has less to do with next-gen loading times and more to do with the fact that your party will appear instantly regardless of where you are or what you’re doing in Yakuza. As for “optimized protagonist optimism,” that is actually perhaps the first new feature that this trailer gets right. Most of the other Yakuza characters were impressively dour.

Getting Yakuza: Like A Dragon to release in North America involved a lot of work, as our own Peter Glagowski discovered in his interview with Like A dragon localization lead Scott Strichart. Check out the interview to see how Like A Dragon will have more English than most previous Yakuza games combined.

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