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With Ys 8: Lacrimosa of Dana taking place on the Isle of Seiren, you wouldn't expect to encounter many characters as you explore the famously cursed and treacherous island. And while you only recruit five additional characters to your party, you will find many more survivors that you can recruit to the game's central hub Castaway Village.

Your party companions and the friends you recruit to the makeshift village all offer unique and helpful things, allowing you to continue confidently exploring the island for a way off. This is where the Gifting system comes to play, enabling you to give thoughtful gifts to your party members and even some castaways, growing your bonds together and even getting valuable buffs.

Gifts Overview

Giving Gifts in Ys 8: Lacrimosa of Dana will raise your Approval Rating for the castaways, earn you Reputation Points, and grant you additional buffs to help you in your journey. There are 24 characters you can give Gifts to, with members of your party having two gifts you can give them, as opposed to only one Gift like the castaways.

Gifts are often obtained via Dina's Trade Post in Castaway Village, but some will be obtained when exploring the vast Isle of Seiren. Every time you max out a character's Approval Rating, you can speak with them to play a cutscene, raising your Reputation by two points and getting you closer to the 150 needed to obtain the game's true ending.

You can find all Gifts, how to get them, and who to give them to in the two sections below. The first section covers the playable characters who join your party, and the other will focus on every castaway that accepts Gifts. Giving Gifts to your party members will provide you with unique, permanent buffs, and giving Gifts to the castaways will max out their Approval Rating for you, allowing you to view their cutscene and receive two Approval Rating Points.

Party Gifts

As previously mentioned, your companions (party members) have two Gifts you can obtain and give to them, providing you with permanent buffs for doing so. Gifts will either provide Strength of Defense buffs, with the Gift recipient always receiving +5 and Adol +2 towards the Gift's respective stat boost.

It's also important to note that giving your companions Gifts will increase their Approval Rating of you, allowing you to max it out if you give them both Gifts. Once their Approval Rating is maxed, you can speak with them to activate a special cutscene, obtaining two Reputation Points in the process. You can find all Gifts for each of the game's five party members in the table below, along with how to obtain them!

All Companion Gifts

CharacterGiftsHow To ObtainRequirementsEffect
LaxiaTeddy BearDina's Trade Postx4 Sword Tip FangLaxia: +5 STR

Adol: +2 STR

Elegant GlassesDina's Trade Postx4 Thunder ClawLaxia: +5 DEF

Adol: +2 DEF

SahadRich Haul BannerDina's Trade Postx4 Razor FeatherSahad: +5 STR

Adol: +2 STR

Jasper PearlDina's Trade Postx4 Blue FeatherSahad: +5 DEF

Adol: +2 DEF

HummelSnowflake SoapThe Ruins of EterniaFound in a chest in the area's first house, in the first room on the left.Hummel: +5 STR

Adol: +2 STR

Juggling BallsDina's Trade Postx1 Sunlight FangHummel: +5 DEF

Adol: +2 DEF

RicottaPretty PebblesDina's Trade Postx4 Accursed ShellsRicotta: +5 STR

Adol: +2 STR

Marx Story Part 2Castaway VillageFound by periodically searching the Driftage near the shoreline.Ricotta: +5 DEF

Adol: +2 DEF

DanaSilver Music BoxDina's Trade Postx4 Diamond ShellDana: +5 STR

Adol: +2 STR

Gold Essence CrystalArcheozoic ChasmFound in a chest a bit past the Sierracantos boss encounter, in the area where you fight the Daineur. After eliminating the Daineur, take the steps to the right up, take care of the enemies, and loot a chest for the item.Dana: +5 DEF

Adol: +2 DEF

Castaway Gifts

Castaways are members of the Lombardia that have been swept ashore of the Isle of Seiren after the ship crashed. You will find the vast majority of them by progressing through the game, but some will be optional, making it crucial that you explore every nook and cranny during your journey. 19 of the 24 castaways can be given Gifts, most of which are obtained from Dina's Trade Post found in the Castaway Village. However, some are acquired through the occasional Raid, Dungeon, or by simply exploring the island.

Dogi and Little Paro are the only castaways with two Gifts, while all the other castaways only have one. After giving a castaway their Gift, you will max out their Approval Rating, allowing you to speak with them immediately after to trigger a cutscene, rewarding you with two Reputation Points. You must also give Dogi and Little Paro both of their Gifts to fully increase their Approval Rating. All Gifts, how to obtain them, and who they belong to can be found in the table below!

All Castaway Gifts

CharacterGiftsHow To ObtainRequirements
DogiHard LiquorDina's Trade Postx4 Lustrous Scale
Iron KnucklePirate Ship EleftheriaFound in a chest just before the Pirate's Anima boss encounter.
AlisonPrecise NeedleDina's Trade Postx2 Salamandine Hide
Sir CarlanGolden EmblemStand Your Ground! (Raid)Rewarded for achieving an A or S-Rank on the "Stand Your Ground!" Raid.
KathleenSilver BarretteDina's Trade Postx2 Zaspion Tail
Sister NiaSilver RosaryDina's Trade Postx4 Hard Fiber
DinaAncient CoinBaja TowerFound in the second room on the second floor of the Baja Tower, just up the heavily guarded staircase to the right.
RejaBell CollarDina's Trade Postx2 Vivine Bitters
EuronRomun BadgeNostalgia CapeObtained by searching the wreckage near the Ship Graveyard Landmark.
LichtOld StethoscopeLapis Mineral VeinFound just past the Sky Blue Veins Landmark after climbing the ivy-covered walls you must swim to reach.
MiraldaUltra Chef KnifeDina's Trade Postx2 Essence Panzer
QuinaSticky BurrDina's Trade Postx1 Lunar Wings
AustinRainbow PigmentGendarmeFound by crossing the narrow pathway near Mishy and climbing an ivy wall. You will have to defeat a Primordial to access the chest that contains this item.
SilviaGladiator SheathDina's Trade Postx1 Dornicle Shell
ThanatosEngraved PenSolitude IslandFound on the shoreline as soon as you reach the island and discover the Magna Kalpa Landmark.
KatthewShip NameplateArcheozoic Big HoleObtained by examining the Lombardia Nameplate underwater, where you encounter the Oceanos boss.
EdSmall RubyDina's Trade Postx1 Acidic Liquid
FranzAntique Tea SetDina's Trade Postx1 Dandale Horn
GriseldaViolet BookmarkLofos HillFound just before you encounter the Animus Nestol boss while navigating the tree.
Little ParoBig SeedThe Primordial PassageClimb the two ivy-covered walls and then hop off to the left after climbing the second one to find a field of Corn. Once here, you will see a chest. Open it to obtain the Big Seed.
Small RingDina's Trade Postx1 Starry Shell

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