Yu-Gi-Oh! – The 8 Best Cards In Amazing Defenders

Yu-Gi-Oh!'s Amazing Defenders set is centered around three themed sets, Rescue-ACE, Mikanko, and Purrely. The Rescue-ACE set is made up of machine and warrior monsters that follow a fire rescue theme while the Mikanko set uses equip cards to crowd control and bolster its three shrine maidens

Purrely is a feline-fairy monster that uses quick spells to rapidly transform into Xyz monsters with tons of materials attached. Amazing Defenders archetypes are each fun and unique, and while none have enough cards to make a pure deck, they still have fantastic cards that shine when mixed with other sets.

8 Mikanko Water Arabesque

The Mikanko Water Arabesque is an equip spell card that lets you special summon a Mikanko monster from your hand or deck, as long as the name of the special summoned monster is different from the monster Arabesque is equipped to. The card then equips to the new monster while the original monster Arabesque was equipped to goes back to your hand.

This is a great card for getting the other Mikanko monsters ready to go out the gate, as the Mikanko monsters all require an equipped spell card to use all of their abilities. Additionally, this card can be used to skip the ritual spell card needed to summon the set's boss card, Ohime The Manifested Mikanko.

7 Heavenly Gate Of The Mikanko

Heavenly Gate is a powerful field spell card that not only forces your opponent's monsters to attack Mikanko monsters but also prevents your opponent from activating cards or effects. Since the card forces your enemy to attack every turn as long as there is a Mikanko monster on the field, it guarantees you'll be able to make use of the reflect damage the cards have.

As an added bonus, Heavenly Gate sends an equip card you control to the graveyard at the end of a damage step so that your Mikanko monster can attack a second time, doubling your damage.

6 Ohime The Manifested Mikanko

Ohime The Manifested Mikanko is the princess boss of the Mikanko cards. Like the other Mikanko monsters, Ohime is unable to be destroyed by battle damage when it has an equip card attached and reflects the battle damage it would take back at the enemy.

What sets Ohime apart is her ability to let you draw a Mikanko card from your deck by revealing her in your hand, and her quick effect to pull an equip spell from your graveyard and attach it to a monster. You can chain this with Heavenly Gate of the Mikanko's effect, allowing Ohime to attack twice without losing an equip spell.

5 Purrely Pretty Memory

Pretty Memory is a quick play spell that on its own is pretty mundane. The card gives both players 1000 LP and if you to discard a card you can summon a Purrely monster from your deck. This is helpful if you don't have a Purrely on the field already, but what makes the card shine is its secondary effect.

Like other Purrely quick-play spells, Pretty Memory gives Xyz monsters that use it as a material extra effects. Attached to any Purrely Xyz monster, Pretty Memory sends one card you control to the graveyard, then lets you take one card your opponent controls and attach it to your Xyz as material. This is perfect since Purrely boss monsters thrive on having five or more materials attached at a time.

4 Purrely Delicious Memory

Delicious Memory lets you not only prevents one monster on the field from being destroyed by battle, it also lets you summon a Purrely from your deck. If equipped to an Xyz Purrely, the card gives that monster 300 ATK/DEF per material, which for the boss Xyz monsters, that should have at least five material cards attached, is at least a 1500 ATK/DEF boost.

Before getting attached to Expurrely Happiness or Expurrley Noir, however, Delicious Memory lets Epurrely Plump add any Purrely quick play spells cast as material, which lets you stack materials on Plump before attaching it to Happiness or Noir. Add the fact that the effect banishes a monster from the field until the end phase for each quick spell, and you have a way to clear your enemy's defenses for your boss card.

3 Expurrely Happiness

Expurrely Happiness is the one-turn-kill card of this set. It has the ability to negate the effects of all face-up monsters your enemy controls, and it blocks them from activating any effects that would stop this ability if you have the original Purrely as a material.

If you have five or more materials attached to Happiness, it automatically does 1500 damage to your opponent. What's great is that, if you have Delicious Memory as a material, you'll gain at least 1500 ATK/DEF for Happiness, and, if you managed to fatten up Epurrely Plump with materials, you can easily reach over 7000 damage in one attack.

2 Rescue-ACE Hydrant

Hydrant is a seemingly harmless card that only exists for its effects, but every fire rescue team needs a hydrant to work. Rescue-ACE is no different, with Hydrant boosting the abilities of all the archetype's spell and trap cards. The card cannot be targeted by your opponent's monsters or card effects, granting it survivability while you set up the rest of your field.

Of the cards Hydrant bolsters, RESCUE! and CONTAIN! are two that completely change. RESCUE! gives you the option to special summon one of your opponent's monsters from the graveyard to your side of the field easily crippling opponents that need to recycle cards.

Meanwhile, CONTAIN! goes from simply negating a monster's effects for one turn to completely making the monster deadweight by stopping it from being used for Synchro, Xyz, and Link Summons.

1 Rescue-ACE Turbulence

The boss card for the Rescue-ACE set, Rescue-ACE Turbulence, is a machine monster that can be special summoned by banishing two Rescue-ACE cards from your graveyard.

It has an effect that allows you to destroy one of your opponent's cards if a card you control leaves the field by an enemy effect, but this is rather lackluster as the effect can only be activated once per turn.

What makes Turbulence shine is its ability to set up four unique Rescue-ACE spell and trap cards from the deck. This effect can be used once per turn and is great if you couple it with Rescue-ACE Headquarters and Rescue-ACE Hydrant.

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