Yuri Lowenthal Still Has "A Little Bit" Of Work To Do On Spider-Man 2

Yuri Lowenthal, the voice of Peter Parker in Insomniac's Spider-Man series, has revealed that he's still got "a little" work to do on the upcoming sequel, Spider-Man 2.

Although we've only seen one trailer for it Spider-Man 2 so far, Insomniac Games confirmed just a few weeks ago that it was still on track for release by Fall 2023. Aside from the release date being reconfirmed, we haven't had many updates on how its development is going so far, but the voice of Spider-Man is pretty confident that Insomniac won't delay it any further, even if work isn't quite finished.

During an interview with CBM about his role as Mon-El in Legion of Super-Heroes, Lowenthal spoke a little bit about his role as Peter Parker in Insomniac's games. During the interview, Lowenthal reveals that he's still got a bit of work to do on the sequel, noting that it's a "massive game".

Lowenthal said, "I’ve still got a little bit to do. It’s a massive game so I’m still doing a little bit of work. I know they’re confident about their release date and Insomniac has always been good about that. Obviously, I can’t really talk about the game much, but I will tell you that it’s astonishing. I’m so excited for you to play it. They know they’ve got big shoes to fill from the last two games and they’ve done it".

Although Lowenthal obviously can't say too much about Spider-Man 2, it's reassuring to see how positive he is on the sequel and noteworthy that he speaks about its scale so much. He also seems pretty confident that Insomniac will manage to get the game out later this year, which should hopefully dispel the inevitable rumours that it's going to be delayed.

Speaking of Lowenthal's Spider-Man, the actor also revealed that he hasn't yet been asked to voice his Spider-Man in Across the Spider-Verse, who we know is making an appearance thanks to the latest trailer for the film.

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