Zelda Fan Creates Super Mario 64 Inspired BOTW DLC

Avid players and fans of both The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario 64 will be getting a real Christmas Day treat courtesy of a modder named Waikuteru who has combined the two. The unofficial DLC titled “Throwback Expansion” will feature some of the stages from Mario’s first 3D adventure back on the Nintendo 64 and is set to release for free. Seeing the iconic Whomp’s Fortress stage recreated in the BOTW style in the announce trailer is quite impressive. The two worlds seem to blend together seamlessly.

Just like in the original Super Mario 64, you will be tasked with collecting red coins and stars. For a game that is over 20 years old, the stages seem to have fresh life breathed into them with Waikuteru’s creation. What’s impressive to see is how this utilizes the game’s original engine so well. It seems that it should be an official DLC from Nintendo themselves – perhaps a missed opportunity.

Breath of the Wild already has its’ own official DLCs for players to continue their journey. Fans are definitely getting creative, however, and finding new ways to enjoy and pull off impressive moves in the game even today.

Sadly, no announcement was made at this year’s Game Awards from Nintendo regarding progress on Breath of the Wild 2 or even a release date. The only concern one can see with this fan-creation is how Nintendo is going to react. The company has not been having the best month in regards to its’ recent relationship with the Smash and Splatoon communities.

A good guess is that Nintendo will likely get this DLC taken down extremely fast and perhaps even go after the creator himself legally. Those recent actions this past month has shown that Nintendo is not in the giving mood to let creators do what they like with their IP even if it will be for free as this DLC will be. Hopefully, fans have a chance to try out this unique DLC before that happens.

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