Zero Latency Replaces Backpack PCs With Vive Focus 3

Location based VR company Zero Latency is getting rid of the backpacks.

Zero Latency’s existing offering uses a HP Reverb headset connected to heavy backpack PCs worn by each user. The new offering replaces this with a Vive Focus 3 – the content is now streamed wirelessly from non-worn PCs via Wi-Fi 6E.

Vive Focus 3 is HTC’s standalone VR headset, designed for businesses, priced at $1299. Back in November HTC announced a huge software update for Focus 3 focused on location based VR, adding support for multiple headsets sharing the same tracking space (called colocation), and dramatically increasing the maximum tracking boundary to 33×30 meters.

Wi-Fi 6E support was added in a recent Focus 3 update. It’s the new 6 GHz frequency band of Wi-Fi. This higher frequency, compared to the existing 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, allows for higher bandwidth and less interference from other devices – though it can’t travel as far or penetrate walls as well. 6 GHz is so new to Wi-Fi it hasn’t even been approved by most national regulators yet. Zero Latency has locations in 26 countries, so it’s unclear how many will get Focus 3 installed, but the company says this enables full resolution streaming.

The current Zero Latency experiences include Far Cry VR, a zombie survival adventure called Undead Arena, a space mission called Singularity, and a competitive title called Sol Raiders.

Those experiences use the VR controller attached to a custom gun accessory, but Zero Latency says it’s also exploring using Focus 3’s controller-free hand tracking for future experiences.

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