Astral Chain headlines this week’s Nintendo eShop releases

We may have found Astral Chain’s premise exhausting to describe, but PlatinumGames and Nintendo clearly have a winner here. It leads the roundup of the Nintendo eShop’s Labor Day weekend offerings.

In Astral Chain, you’re a … cop who is fighting a … an extradimensional invasion using … um, “viral data demons” that fight Pokémon style against the … bad guys. It’s out there, but PlatinumGames’ well balanced design and the studio’s penchant for big set pieces make it accessible and enjoyable, according to our review.

Also on deck this week: the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, comprising of the first three games in Insomniac’s series for the original PlayStation. (The “reignition” is because they’re redone in high definition.) Also Torchlight 2, Runic Games’ dungeon-crawler, is making its console debut (alongside the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), seven years after it launched on PC.

Here’s a full rundown of the titles coming to the Switch eShop this week:

  • Agent A: A puzzle in disguise
  • Arcade Archives Water Ski
  • Astral Chain
  • Barrier X (available Sept. 3)
  • Brunch Club
  • Bubsy: Paws on Fire!
  • Damascus Gear Operation Osaka
  • Deadly Fighter 2
  • Decay of Logos
  • Farm Mystery
  • Fin and the Ancient Mystery (available Sept. 3)
  • Fuze 4 (available Aug. 30)
  • Grand Brix Shooter
  • Headspun (available Aug. 30)
  • Heave Ho
  • Invasion of Alien X – Earth in Crisis
  • Legend of the Skyfish (available Aug. 30)
  • Little Racer
  • Omen Exitio: Plague
  • Pacific Wings
  • Pinball Breaker 4 (3DS)
  • Root Letter: Last Answer (available Sept. 3)
  • Spyro Reignited Trilogy
  • Torchlight 2
  • Vambrace: Cold Soul
  • Wilmot’s Warehouse

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