New Maneater Evolution Lets You Become The "Garbage Disposal Of The Sea" For Shark Week

To celebrate Shark Week, Maneater developer Tripwire Interactive has released a new evolution that lets you turn your aquatic killing machine into a metal version of the tiger shark, the ocean’s least picky eater.

Tiger sharks are consumate scavengers, equipped with highly keen senses, and a teeth and jaw combo perfect for cracking the shells of both sea turtles and mollusks. Contents of caught tiger sharks’ stomachs have included sea snakes, birds, sting rays, and even license plates.

Because tiger sharks can eat just about anything, this new evolution allows players to get even more essential nutrients to power up their shark from a variety of prey. Since the main point of Maneater is to supe up your bouncing baby murder machine, this should be a welcome addition to players’ gene pools.

The accompanying skin for this evolution looks pretty badass, featuring your shark decked out in red with dark blue stripes on its face and upper body that aren’t dissimilar to glam rock makeup looks of the ’80s. Just know, this isn’t what actual tiger sharks look like in the wild, as they only have their signature dark blue stripes as adolescents before slowly losing them as adults. Also, sadly, they’re more of a blueish gray than the flashy red Tripwire has posited.

Both new and existing players can grab this evolution across all platforms, and Tripwire’s Shark Week celebration continues with a 25% off sale on the Epic Store through August 16.

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