Nintendo Switch Update Out Now, Adds Save Transfers And More

A new firmware update for Nintendo Switch has arrived, and it makes some big changes, the most notable of which are save transfers between Switch consoles and the ability to sort your games in various ways.

Starting with the save transfers, update 8.0.0 introduces the ability to transfer save data between Switch consoles. You can do this by heading to System Settings > Data Management > Transfer Your Save Save. One major thing to note is that once you transfer your save data, it’s erased from the console it was originally on, known as the source system.

As for the sorting feature, this lets you sort by last played, time played, game name, and publisher.

Another notable addition in the update include the introducing of a “zoom” feature to get a closer look at things; you can use this by pressing the home button twice. Additionally, Nintendo has added 15 new player icons from Splatoon 2 and Yoshi’s Crafted World.

You can see the full patch notes below, as posted on Nintendo’s website.

Nintendo Switch 8.0.0 Update

  • A Sort Software feature is available after selecting to view All Software from the HOME Menu
    • Software can be sorted by time last played, total play time, software title, and software publisher
    • The All Software option displays when there are 13 or more software icons on the HOME Menu
  • A View All Available News option is available within News, allowing you to view all news items currently being distributed
    • Go to News > Channel List > View More
      • To edit your user icon, head to your My Page on the top left of the HOME Menu > Profile
    • A feature to Transfer Your Save Data is now available, allowing you to transfer your save data for individual games between your Nintendo Switch systems