Pokemon Sword And Shield: Galarian Slowking Finally Revealed

We got another look at Pokemon Sword and Shield’s second DLC expansion, The Crown Tundra, during today’s Pokemon livestream. Along with revealing the DLC’s release date, the stream gave us our first look at another new regional variant: Galarian Slowking.

Much like Galarian Slowbro, which was introduced in the previous Isle of Armor DLC, Galarian Slowking is a dual Poison/Psychic type. Standard Slowpoke can evolve into either Slowbro or Slowking, and it appears that remains the case for these Galarian variants. Although The Pokemon Company didn’t yet detail how to evolve the Pokemon, it notes on the games’ official website that the evolution is triggered when “a Shellder bite set off a reaction between the chemicals secreted by Galarian Slowpoke’s brain and the spices inside its body.”

Galarian Slowking is classified as the Hexpert Pokemon, and it’s said they communicate with each other by chanting mysterious incantations. This ties into its new signature move, Eerie Spell, a Psychic-type attack that dishes out damage and reduces three PP from the last move the opposing Pokemon used.

Galarian Slowking also has a unique Ability called Curious Medicine. When this Pokemon enters the field, it automatically resets its ally’s stat changes.

Although it’s not yet clear how to get Galarian Slowking in Sword and Shield, you’ll first need to get a Galarian Slowpoke; these can be encountered in the wild around the Isle of Armor. As previously mentioned, you can also evolve Galarian Slowpoke into Galarian Slowbro, which has its own unique Ability–Quick Draw–and a unique signature move called Shell Side Arm. You can learn more in our guide on how to evolve Galarian Slowpoke into Galarian Slowbro.

The Crown Tundra expansion launches October 22. The DLC takes players to the eponymous Crown Tundra, where players will be able to explore Pokemon dens, catch returning Legendaries, and get helpful new items like the Ability Patch. In the lead up to the DLC’s release, The Pokemon Company is giving away a handful of Pikachu wearing different caps. Pokemon Go compatibility is also coming to Pokemon Home by the end of the year.

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