6 Key Tips to Help You Win at Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the most played battle royale games, and it has all the features to make you addicted to it. Winning a round in Apex Legends can frustrate many players to the point that they will stop playing the game permanently. Players use some advanced techniques to win every round. Apex Legends boosting service is another approach to make the whole Apex legends journey easy on yourself. Below are the six tips that you can follow to ensure your win in every round.

Set FOV to Maximum

FOV means the size of the viewing angle on your computer screen, and bigger FOV means that you can see more areas around you to detect enemies and kill them early. Low field of view settings would decrease your viewing angle by a large extent, resulting in an easy kill for your enemies as they will be able to see you, but you won’t.

Choose a legend that fits your gameplay

Apex legends feature unique characters, and characters can help you make a difference in each fight. You can choose a character based on your playing style instead of going blind with the choice and regret at the later stages of the game where you can’t do anything about it. 

Experiment with different weapons

There are six different weapon tiers in Apex legends, and each tier has weapons ranging from assault rifles to shotguns, snipers, SMGS, and LMGS. You can experiment with all the available weapons and create your dream loadout by adding your best weapon to it. Loadout can be the result of the round and get you out of an ugly situation. With time and experimentation, you will learn about your favorite weapon and win rounds with it.  

Communicate with your squad

Communication is the key to success in battle royale games, especially in Apex legends, where you need to coordinate with your teammates from landing till you finish the round. Use voice chat to talk to your teammates instead of typing messages in the chat, taking a lot of time. Share essential locations and make a strategy with your squad before engaging in a fight to ensure the result is in your favor.

Know your priorities while looting

Looting is undoubtedly the most crucial part of Apex legends as you will be fighting with what you loot from loot boxes and crates. If you happen to loot the best guns in the game with all the necessary attachments at the start of the round, your chances of winning the round are increased.

Be fast loot fast

To get your hands on good loot, you need to loot fast, and moving from one loot box to another at an incredible speed is the key to getting good loot. Slow players never have good guns as their teammates loot legendary loot boxes before reaching that spot.