Apex Legends Has Removed a Favourite Camping Spot From Bunker

Despite being absent from the patch notes, Respawn has stealthily rolled out map changes in the Bunker location that will stop players from camping.

Spotted by Twitter user PlayApexESP (via GamesRadar+), the Season 1 update appears to have removed the air con units from above the doors, which acted as handy perch for a one or two players to rain down shots from on high, or for Caustic mains to watch their noxious traps take effect on their victims below.

You can check out where the camping spots used to be in acuriousfeline’s tweet below:

While the new Legend seems to be a hit – particularly with his backstory being a possible in-joke referring to a Titanfall 2 speedrunner – the Battle Pass itself has come under fire, with players skeptical of the amount of content they’re getting for their money.

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