Destiny 2's Eververse Store Gets Much Better For Next Season

Destiny 2’s Eververse store has always been a contentious thing among fans, as is to be expected from a microtransaction-based store that offers exclusive cosmetic items. Next week brings with it the launch of the Season of Dawn update, which sees Bungie make numerous changes to areas across the game–and that includes Eververse, which is seeing some notable adjustments in response to player feedback to make it more transparent and less annoying to use.

In the latest This Week at Bungie blog post, a number of changes to Eververse are outlined. It starts out by acknowledging that certain items will still remain only purchasable with Silver–a premium currency acquired only with real-world money–as opposed to Bright Dust, which is obtainable by simply playing the game. “Offering some amount of Eververse content for Silver only is part of ensuring we are able to fund our ability to keep creating and maintaining Destiny and supporting the team that makes Destiny,” it explained.

However, Bungie is shifting the proportion of content that is Silver-exclusive. Whereas it says the current season has about 50% of its content also sold for Bright Dust, Season of Dawn will see that figure increase to 80%. That means that only around a fifth of what’s sold on Eververse will require you to plunk down real-world money to acquire it.

In another improvement, Bungie is also going to be clearer about which items you’ll be able to purchase with Bright Dust. In the past, players have been left to guess whether they would eventually be able to purchase a given Eververse item using Bright Dust as part of the weekly inventory rotation. Going forward, it will announce on social media which items in the weekly refresh will only be sold for Silver. That way, you can confidently purchase something you’re interested in right away without having to worry about buyer’s remorse later in the season.

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Additionally, Eververse will no longer allow you to buy anything you already own. In the past, you’d have to either remember or consult your in-game Collection menu to verify if you own a particular item being sold on the store. If you’re like me and are extremely tired of having to survey your entire list of shaders every week just to verify if it’s worth buying one on Eververse, this will be exciting news.

The blog post also notes some changes to how Bright Dust is awarded. Completing Dawning weekly (200 Bright Dust) and repeatable (10) bounties will grant you just as much as Strike, Crucible, and Gambit bounties. The same will be true for Crimson Days once the Valentine’s Day-themed event arrives.

“We’re committed to continually and thoughtfully adjusting the Eververse store to ensure it’s a balanced and optional part of the Destiny player experience while also ensuring that we can support the team creating and evolving Destiny,” Bungie said. “Please keep the feedback coming, and thanks for all you do to support the team.”

These are just some of the many changes outlined the blog post, which previews the patch notes that are to come with next week’s Season of Dawn update. That patch will bring not just a variety of new playable content (and sparrows on Mercury!), but changes to each of the three playable classes, some nice changes to Gunsmith and Crucible bounties, and much more.

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