Game studio makes supporting Australia as easy as buying a game

The studio and indie publisher Crytivo (The Universim) will be donating proceeds from its sales for the next two months to support wildfire relief efforts in Australia.

Through February, the company said that 100 percent of revenue from its own online store and 30 percent of Steam sales of its games will go toward rebuilding lost homes, paying firefighters who are working overtime, and environmental cleanup.


7 things everyone should know about Australia’s wildfire disaster

The bushfire season in Australia, exacerbated by climate change bringing drought and record high temperatures, has burned an estimated 41,000 square miles, destroyed almost 6,000 buildings, killed 28 people and ecologists even say that more than half a billion animals have been killed by the fires in the state of New South Wales.

Crytivo’s The Universim, a throwback to god-games of the 1990s, has been available in early access since March 2019. Crytivo also makes and sells several indie games, ranging from Football Story to Beholder 2.

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