Guilty Gear Strive PS4 To PS5 Free Upgrade And Cross-Play Features Confirmed

Guilty Gear Strive will support cross-play between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 when it launches in 2021. If you’re planning to purchase the game on PS4 and can only upgrade to a PS5 console at some other point in the future, there’s more good news, as you’ll be able to receive the PS5 version for free.

This applies to the PlayStation Store digital version as well, but the retail physical edition won’t receive a free upgrade on the PS5 Digital Edition console due to the obvious lack of a disc drive on that console.

Developer Arc System Works also had several other answers to provide in its latest FAQ. For the upgrade from PS4 to PS5, the developer said that the game content would remain the same but that load times and resolution will be improved on the newer Sony console. The PS4 version of Guilty Gear Strive will also be playable through backwards compatibility on PS5, albeit with a resolution capped to 1080p.

Any DLC that has been purchased on the PS4 version of Guilty Gear Strive will also be available on PS5 after the upgrade has been made, provided that the same account is used. As for a more classic approach to playing the fighting game with a PS4 arcade stick, Arc System Works was unable to guarantee that such peripherals will work on the PS5 just yet.

Guilty Gear Strive will be out on April 9, 2021 on PlayStation consoles and PC, but anyone who purchases the Deluxe Edition or the Ultimate Edition will get a three-day head start to try out several game modes and characters. Arc System Works says Deluxe Edition players will have access to all offline modes, 13 characters, and the prologue of the story mode. Ultimate Edition players get the full story mode, online modes, and 15 characters to try out in the flashy brawler.

So far that roster looks like an interesting mix of new and old faces, such as series stalwarts Sol Badguy, Zato, and Milia, while some of the newer fighters include vampire samurai Nagoriyuki and Allied King Leo Whitefang.

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