Halo Infinite is a ‘spiritual reboot’

Things got a little messy in the Halo universe by the time Halo 5 rolled around — so perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising to hear that 343 Industries, the developer of Halo Infinite, wants to start with a fresh slate. Kind of.

In a blog post detailing how 343 Industries is approaching Halo Infinite, the developers described the futuristic shooter as a “spiritual reboot.” From the sounds of it, 343 is handling Infinite in the same way Sony Santa Monica handled the latest God of War game. While 343 wants to honor the legacy of Master Chief, they’re also hoping to create a game where anybody can jump in without feeling intimidated. Here’s 343:

The Master Chief is our hero and Halo Infinite will continue his decades long saga. While we plan to introduce important new characters — like the resilient Pilot you already met in the video — this story is the Master Chief’s. The universe will continue the continuity of Halo 5 and in that sense contain the adventures that led up to this moment, but in the pursuit of our “spiritual reboot” and the launch of a new console, we also want to make sure that this is a perfect starting point for new players too. This story will mark the beginning of a new chapter and challenge for the Chief, but it will also respect and continue threads that led to this point. If you’ve never played a Halo game before, this will be a great place to jump into the story. You’re arriving in the middle a universe at war, with a sense of history underlying your entry into the world. But it will also feel fresh, full of potential, and new adventure. We will weave in context and guideposts to understand your place in a new universe. But if you’ve invested in Halo for all these years, you’ll feel immediately at home – and some of our story moments will spark a different resonance for your investment.

343 also described its new Slipspace Engine, which will apparently allow it to improve their camera work, as well as do better facial animations. The team says that Master Chief’s new design, which takes inspiration from his previous iterations, is “the highest fidelity we have ever created” thanks to tweaks to both colors and textures.

And for those of you who are fans of Halo’s music, 343 also announced that Joel Yarger (God of War, Uncharted) will be the franchise’s music director, and he’ll work together with Curtis Schweitzer, Infinite’s new composer, to make more tunes.

Halo Infinite will be a launch title for Project Scarlett, which is out for the holidays in 2020.

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