Metro Exodus’ Epic Store Sales Are Already Over Double That of Last Light’s on Steam

Sales of Deep Silver’s Metro Exodus are already 2.5 times that of the previous Metro title, indicating that the store exclusivity has had little effect on its success.

After revealing the figures, Steve Allison, head of Epic Games Store, said, “it’s really about the games, not the store you sell on,” via

“We’re super stoked to see this result, and one thing we can say for certain is Epic Games Store is sure to make many hundreds of millions of dollars for our development partners this year.”

Metro Exodus was announced as an Epic Store timed exclusive back in January, and the news wasn’t well-received, with Valve calling the decision “unfair,” especially given the “long pre-sale period.”

The situation became a bit messy as an increasing number of parties stepped in with their thoughts, and the previous games in the series were review bombed on Steam by disgruntled fans as a result.

Epic announced its store in December, 2018, offering developers an 88% revenue share compared to Steam’s 70/30 split, making it a much more attractive option.

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