PSA: Keep An Eye On Your Death Stranding Save Files

With the latest updates installed, Death Stranding requires just over 49 GB of free space on your PS4, but you might want to make sure you leave some extra room for your save files, too. With a save system that intentionally catalogs dozens of auto-saves, it certainly caught us off guard when the save folder climbed to hundreds of megabytes–close to 900 MB, for some of us at GameSpot. In addition to eating up potentially precious storage space, this can also make transferring your lot of saves to the cloud an unusually lengthy process.

When compared to other PS4 save-file folders, it was unusual to find examples that breached the 100 MB mark, though there are certainly games that do. No game, however, based on sorting through numerous GameSpot staff PS4 profiles, came close to Death Stranding’s lofty sum.

When asked about the state of the save system, Sony confirmed that it is behaving as planned, so don’t expect this to change anytime soon. Thankfully, if your hard drive is in need of a little breathing room, you always have the option of going in to manually delete any auto-saves you wish. In doing so, its possible to cut the folder down to roughly 15 MB. Just keep in mind that number will steadily creep up as you play–playing through the opening mission brought the save folder up to 54 MB, for example. If you must, make a habit of deleting excess files often to keep this folder in check.

Death Stranding is now officially released in some regions. If you’re starting off and find that you need some advice on where to go and how to accomplish certain tasks, or if you want to answer questions about things like vehicles, weapons, and believe it or not, how to best walk in Death Stranding, head over to our Death Stranding Walkthrough, Guides, and Tips page for all of that guidance and more.

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