We built a PC live on Twitch

Building a PC can be intimidating, especially for first-timers. So why did we decide to attempt it live on the internet in front of several hundred people? Content. That’s why.

With help from our sponsor GameStop, we set out to build a beefy rig that could help Polygon video producer Simone de Rochefort live out her F1 racing dreams in F1 2022. She really, really likes those little cars. She’ll talk breathlessly about what one of the European car guys said to another one of the other European car guys at a press conference she woke up at 4 a.m. to watch. Occasionally, she’ll also talk about the races, too.

And since it is the season of giving, it only felt right to help Simone achieve a life dream she’s held since earlier this year after she watched that car show on Netflix. So we got on the GameStop online shop and ordered a big pile of computer parts, accessories, and driving game peripherals. With a lot of optimism (and some much-needed assistance from Polygon’s resident PC expert, Samit Sarkar), we managed to successfully build a computer in just two hours. And not only that — it actually turned on.

Check out the stream up top for all the fun, and tune in to our Twitch channel on Dec. 1 to watch Simone hop into the cockpit and drive her little computer cars.

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