Amazon Prime Day 2019: Kingdom Hearts 3 Is Very Cheap (US)

Kingdom Hearts 3 was one of the first blockbuster releases of 2019, arriving on PS4 and Xbox One in January. Its launch marked the end of an epic saga that began on the PlayStation 2 and brought Square Enix and Disney’s most iconic properties together–and it was an impressive spectacle to behold. If you haven’t seen and played the most recent game in the series for yourself yet, and are interested in hopping around beautiful DIsney worlds, Amazon’s Prime Day sale might be the most cost-effective way to do so.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently on sale as part of the promotion for just $20 on both the PS4 and Xbox One, which is a saving of around $40. It’s a pretty meaty game, taking around 40 hours to complete the main story and some of the extra side-missions and activities–plenty of bang for your buck. Note that this deal is only available to Amazon Prime customers.

See Kingdom Hearts 3 On Amazon

GameSpot’s Kingdom Hearts 3 review awarded the game 8/10 and praised the “beautifully realized” worlds, the “engaging and memorable stories,” and “simple, slick, and super exciting” combat. “Kingdom Hearts 3 is preoccupied with fan service to a fault, and it also struggles to stay coherent under the weight of its own convoluted lore,” reads the review. “But it’s also everything fans love about the series: a thrilling action-RPG that celebrates Disney and Pixar, all the while ensuring themes of friendship, heroism, and pure-hearted goodness shine bright.”

If you need a PS4 to actually play the game, Amazon has a pretty good deal that includes the Slim version of the console with Spider-Man and Horizon Zero Dawn, two of the console’s most acclaimed games. That’s just one of the many discounts that are available as part of the sale, keep an eye on our Amazon Prime Day 2019 hub, where we’re collecting all the best deals over the course of the sale.

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