Anthem patch adds Legendary Missions, new cosmetic rewards

Anthem’s latest patch brings Legendary Missions and cosmetic Elysian Caches to BioWare’s mech-based RPG.

Anthem has been in a rough spot for a few weeks. Players have been complaining about the state of the game, and BioWare has been responding. This new patch marks the final Anthem update for March and the “evolving world” section of the roadmap.

Legendary Missions are repeatable versions of the story missions in Anthem. Each day, Anthem will have one mission highlighted that players can play unlimited times. The difficulty of these missions is higher, but the objectives are the same. BioWare states that Legendary Missions will drop better gear than normal missions.

Six story missions are eligible for Legendary Mission status at launch:

  • Lost Arcanist
  • Incursion
  • Finding Old Friends
  • Tomb of General Tarsis
  • Fortress of Dawn
  • Freelancer Down

In our review, we didn’t care much for the campaign missions or their repetitive objectives.

Elysian Caches are the second addition in this patch. Daily challenges will reward players with Elysian Keys. After players kill a Stronghold boss, four locked Elysian Caches will spawn. Players can use their Elysian Keys to open the caches, and reward everyone with a piece of cosmetic loot.

At launch, the Elysian Caches offer 67 different vanity unlocks. Players can earn new vinyls, victory poses, emotes, and arrivals. The Elysian Caches are on a knockout system. Players won’t get a duplicate until they’ve gotten all 67 items.

Finally, Anthem’s loot is getting a bit more generous with this patch. Chests in freeplay, missions, and strongholds will drop extra loot and crafting materials. Difficult creatures like the Ursix or Titans can drop additional loot pieces. On higher difficulties, stronghold bosses will drop more loot than before. The boss loot will also have a higher chance to be Masterwork or Legendary rarity.

This patch brings a host of balance changes and bug fixes to Anthem. You can find a full list of changes from patch 1.0.4 on BioWare’s website.

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