Bungie confirms that Destiny’s PvP mode is here to stay

The Destiny player-versus-player community had a confusing week. After a speculative piece from Forbes, and key departures from the development team at Bungie, there was player concern that the studio might leave the Crucible behind in the next entry. In a livestream on Wednesday, the developers eased the minds of competitive Destiny players.

At the start of the stream — an opportunity for players to match up with developers — communications director David “DeeJ” Dague took a moment to address the recent concerns.

“I know there’s been a lot of community chatter about the Crucible,” he said. “There’s been a lot of speculations about our plans. We want to absolutely go on record and say that there are members of the development team who come into Bungie every day to work on Destiny. And they’re hard at work, upstairs, right now, on future evolutions for the Crucible.”

Dague acknowledged that this statement breeds more questions than answers, and said that more details would need to wait for another stream. However, Destiny community manager Dylan “dmg04” Gafner responded to a tweet with a more straightforward answer. “Can confirm: the Crucible isn’t going anywhere,” he said.

Bungie has confirmed that the next iteration of Destiny will feature the Crucible. But Dague’s statement was vague as to how the multiplayer offering will change. It’s unclear what “future evolutions for the Crucible” means. A recent collection of supposed Destiny 3 leaks suggests that patrol zones could feature PvPvE content.

However, the Crucible is a gladiatorial sport in the Destiny universe, not a catch-all name for Guardian-on-Guardian combat. It’s unlikely the developers would use that specific term unless they’ve already planned for a traditional, arena-based PvP in their next release.

For those wondering how the rumor that Destiny 3 wouldn’t feature traditional PvP started, Destiny PvP YouTuber Aztecross Gaming broke it down in a video earlier this week.

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