Dead by Daylight’s next Killer is a big, bony bogeyman

Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive on Tuesday showed off a host of new content coming to the asymmetrical, multiplayer horror game. The studio told fans to expect four new Chapters over the coming year, with each Chapter bringing a new Killer and Survivor to the game. Behaviour is also set to release two new maps, four Tomes, and overhaul the Perks system.

A match of Dead by Daylight pits four helpless Survivors against one powerful Killer. The Survivors have to try to fix shoddy generators and escape through a gate without getting murdered, while the Killer uses their unique powers to stalk and slash anyone in their path.

The first of the new Chapters is called Roots of Dread, Behaviour Interactive said Tuesday. Roots of Dread brings a new map to a small American town haunted by terrible secrets. Those secrets manifest in the new Killer, the Dredge, as well as a Survivor named Haddie Kaur.

Haddie has shown up in some of the past Archives events, and she’s much more paranormally versed than most of the cast. She looks absolutely done with all of this monster nonsense, so I trust her with my life.

The Dredge, however, looks very creepy, like a terrible scarecrow stitched together from burlap, flesh, and skulls. He has terrible misshapen limbs, including one gnarled hook, and a bubble head with a weird, toothy maw. He’s definitely the weirdest Killer yet, and unlike some of his predecessors, he has no sympathetic qualities or tragic backstory to justify his murders.

The Dredge has the unique ability to teleport around lockers on the map with Teleport: Gloaming, giving him a ton of mobility and surprise power. Lockers are also one of the safest places for Survivors in Dead by Daylight, so this ability is doubly mean to Survivors. The Dredge can also plunge Survivors into darkness, putting them into a state of confusion where the only thing they can see is the Dredge.

Resident Evil fans also got a pleasant surprise on Tuesday; a second licensed Chapter is on the way and will arrive before the end of 2022. Behaviour Interactive has already added the series’ Raccoon City Police Department; a new Killer in Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis; and two Survivors with Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy. There are many more heroes and villains to cover, including vampire Lady Dimitrescu from last year’s Resident Evil: Village, so it’ll be intriguing to see who else might join Dead by Daylight.

Some of this new content is already hitting the public test realm for Dead by Daylight on Tuesday. Some new cosmetics are on the way soon, too. Behaviour said it will release an Attack on Titan collection, which adds 10 different outfits inspired by the popular anime to both Killers and Survivors.

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