Destiny 2’s Arc subclasses are getting overhauled next week

Arc Week has been on the Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter’s roadmap for over a month. In this week’s Bungie blog, the studio revealed the details of Arc Week.

Bungie themed Arc Week around the game’s different Arc subclasses. In next week’s patch, the team at Bungie will update some of the older Arc abilities. The goal is to make each subclass more impressive, as many of the older versions feel underpowered after their Forsaken updates.

Here’s how Bungie is changing each subclass.


Arcstrider: Way of the Warrior

  • Combination Blow: Currently, this perk lets you chain melees together to increase melee damage, and trigger health regeneration. It used to have one stack and deal 50% damage. Bungie is increasing the damage by 60% in PvE and 22.7% in PvP, and Guardians can stack the buff up to three times. Kills heal Hunters for 40 health and trigger regeneration.
  • Deadly Reach: Currently, this perk increases your melee range when you dodge. Bungie is increasing the duration from six to eight seconds, and it’s no longer consumed with a melee strike.

Arcstrider: Way of the Wind

  • Disorienting Blow: Currently, this perk disorients targets when you hit them with a melee attack. Bungie is upping the distance of nearby effected enemies by 50%. In PvP, Disorienting Blow will disorient players for two seconds instead of one and a half.
  • Focused Breathing: Currently, this perk increases your maximum sprint speed, and recharges your dodge while sprinting. Bungie is upping the dodge regeneration bonus by 100%.
  • Combat Meditation: Currently, this perk increases your melee and grenade energy when you’re critically wounded. Bungie is upping the bonus by 25%.
  • Lightning Reflexes: Currently, this perk makes you harder to kill while dodging. Bungie is increasing damage resistance in PvE from 63% to 70%. In PvP, the reduction is going up from 25% to 40%.


Striker: Code of the Juggernaut

  • Frontal Assault: Currently, this perk reloads your weapon and increases stability after punching an enemy. Now, it’ll grant 25% bonus damage against enemies and 20% against Guardians. The buff also shows up on the HUD, and it lasts for a full 16 seconds, up from 10.
  • Knockout: Currently, this perk increases your melee range and damage when you critically wound an enemy. The damage bonus will increase from 25% to 60%. The bonus also triggers when you’ve dealt 60% of an enemy’s health or popped a Guardian’s shield. The melee attack lasts five seconds, isn’t consumed after the first punch, and will refresh whenever you deal damage to a target under 60% health.



All Stormtrance damage now scales up to 150% over five seconds. The visual and sound effects reflect this change.

Stormcaller: Attunement of Conduction

  • Chain Lightning Melee: Currently, when you melee strike a target, you chain lightning to a nearby enemy. Next week, you can chain up to five enemies together, and lightning can strike each enemy twice. To compensate, the damage has gone down from 50 to 31 per chain.
  • Arc Web: Currently, this perk chains lightning between your enemies when you hit them with a grenade. Bungie states this perk can now chain to many more targets, and strike back and forth. The chain range has also increased to 12 meters. Chaining electric damage from either a grenade or the Chain Lightning Melee decreases grenade cooldown.

Stormcaller: Attunement of Elements

  • Electrostatic Surge: Currently, this perk causes your Rift to charge faster when allies are nearby. Bungie is increasing this bonus by 600%. When this perk is active, Rifts will last five seconds longer, for a total of 20 seconds.
  • Arc Soul: Currently, this perk summons an Arc turret to follow you around, and deal damage to enemies. Bungie is extending the duration of Arc Soul by 50%.

Non-Arc subclass Changes

Dawnblade Warlock: Everlasting Fire Perk

  • Currently, killing an enemy in Dawnblade extends the duration significantly. Bungie is toning this back. The initial return is increasing to 13% from 10%. This perk now scales down the more kills you get, ending at 0.75% per kill.

Voidwalker Warlock: Super

Bungie’s last patch hit Voidwalkers too hard, so they’re buffing it to compensate.

  • Charging a detonation takes 20% less energy.
  • Holding a charge takes 7% less energy.
  • A full charge takes 0.7 seconds, down from 0.9 seconds.
  • Dark Blink — which lets you teleport forward — costs 20% less energy.
  • The Super lasts 22 seconds, up from 18.

Bungie also acknowledged how overpowered the Hunter Super, Spectral Blades, is at the moment.They’re still looking into how they want to tweak it. Bungie will address Spectral Blades in another patch.

Arc Week, which runs from April 9 to 15, will give players incentives to play their updated classes. There will be special Arc bounties and Arc damage will be more powerful in activities. The Thunderlord Exotic quest will even return next week, giving players a chance to pick one up if they missed out last November.

In an interview we had with Bungie back in March, Destiny 2 creative lead Lars Bakken told us that he believed the long term plan was for this kind of rework to happen two more times — for Solar and Void subclasses.

Bungie will release these changes — as well as the changes to loot drops — on April 9.

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