Destiny 2’s hot new farming spot can be AFK’d

With Destiny 2’s new Tribute Hall feature and the Bad Juju quest, even its most dedicated players are running low on critical materials. Planetary materials — which players use to upgrade gear and buy new loot — usually take some time in the trenches of Destiny 2 to earn.

But players have started walking away from their consoles to re-bolster their supplies. Even better, they’re being courteous about it.

In Destiny 2’s Season of the Forge, Bungie added Forge activities in the EDZ and on the planetoid Nessus. Normally, players use the Forges to create fantastic new weapons by battling against the clock. The goal is to succeed, but Bungie added a participation trophy for players that don’t make the time: planetary materials.

It only takes 60 seconds to fail in the Black Armory Forges, meaning players who AFK won’t get kicked for inactivity. Players essentially go into the activity, fail every 60 seconds, and earn either Dusklight Shards or Microphasic Datalattice depending on which planet they’re on. When the activity is over, the game automatically finds you a new instance.

Destiny 2 YouTuber Fallout Plays made a great video on the farm, seen above.

The unfortunate side effect is that AFKing usually hurts the players who want to complete the Forges normally. In order to remain courteous and find other, like-minded farmers, players are intentionally lowering their Power level as much as possible.

Bungie’s servers intentionally look for players who’re close in proximity and power level when you try and matchmake. The Forge’s recommended power levels are about 600 Power, so most players trying to farm are lowering their gear score to around 300-400 just to be safe.

Instead of getting grouped with appropriately leveled players, all the low level farmers get grouped together instead. Players are tricking Destiny’s own servers into not ruining someone else’s gameplay experience.


Everything we know is coming to Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

Sitting AFK overnight can net hundreds of materials, which players can even turn in to vendors if they want to exchange them for other materials. With Destiny 2: Shadowkeep coming up in a few months, players are stocking up their materials as much as they can. And this new strategy is the perfect avenue to do just that.

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