Fall Guys’ giant spinning hammer joins the game today

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’s “Big Yeetus” update — the one adding a giant, spinning, “chaotic neutral” hammer to the course — is live with today’s mid-season patch, Mediatonic announced Tuesday morning.

The developers are being coy about all of the changes delivered by the patch, other than Fall Guys is getting “a huge range of new round variations to keep the Fall Guys experience fresh, fun, and delightfully slapstick before Season 2 hits.”

Big Yeetus, teased in a tweet two weeks ago, appears at random and is capable of greatly aiding or thwarting your progress. The accompanying clip better explains their role within the cosmos:

Otherwise, the game’s playlist will see “some wildly devious mixes of Season 1 classics,” while the code itself optimizes server stability and delivers a smoother playthrough.

Fall Guys’ second season is coming this October. It takes on a medieval theme “with feudal fortresses, knockout knights and pugilistic paladins,” Mediatonic says. The studio previewed the new season in a short video at the end of August.


Fall Guys launched Aug. 4 as one of the games offered to PlayStation Plus subscribers that month. It’s also available on Windows PC.

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