Final Fantasy 7 Remake is getting a free PS5 upgrade and Yuffie DLC

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is coming to PlayStation 5 alongside an updated version called Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade. The updated release will add new content and new visual enhancements.

Shown during Thursday’s State of Play stream, Intergrade adds new story content to the first game in Square Enix’s multipart Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The PS5 version has all the technical and graphical improvements one would expect from a the upgrade, like decreased load times and better visual effects, but Intergrade adds a new part to the story featuring Yuffie, a character we don’t normally see in the story until after the gang leaves Midgar.

Yuffie, dressed in an adorable moogle robe, with a male character by her side, is in Midgar, ready to go on her own adventure. You’ll be able to play as both Yuffie and Sonon as they develop their own scheme to infiltrate Shinra to find a rare materia. Yuffie will very likely be in the next part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and this add-on will let us know what she’s been doing in the background.

The game will also include a photo mode, allowing players to pause and take stunning screenshots of the various characters. As shown in the trailer, you can even take screenshots during battles, which means that if you’re like me, the Reno fight is now just a photoshoot.

There will also be a new difficulty mode added to the game, allowing players to use the classic turn-based controls while playing on normal mode. Before, you had to play the game on easy to access the classic controls.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade will be released on June 10. Those who bought the PlayStation 4 version will be able to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version for free, but will still have to pay a separate cost to get Intergrade.

CORRECTION: This article’s headline has been updated to clarify that Intergrade will be a paid add-on for PS5 players.

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