Final Fantasy VII Remake's Opening Cinematic Is Gorgeous And Faithful

Not making the delay to April any easier, Square Enix has revealed the opening cinematic for Final Fantasy VII Remake, just shy of two months before the game is set to release.

The opening to Final Fantasy VII is memorable, giving you a glimpse of the Midgar skyline and the oppressiveness of Shinra’s establishments over the city. It’s also the first time you see protagonist Cloud, as he pulls off some daring maneuvers to board a moving train and kick-off the Avalanche mission at the start of the game. The remake is incredibly faithful to the original, as you can see for yourself below.

Square Enix has been teasing Final Fantasy VII Remake extensively over the past few days. An assortment of screenshots released yesterday gave us new looks at the main cast, some initial shots of series favorites such as the Chocobo, and a glimpse at some side-quests you’ll be able to undertake off the beaten path.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is scheduled to release on PS4 exclusively on April 10. It’s limited-time exclusivity is expected to last for a year, with releases expected thereafter.

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