Fortnite World Cup pro is total champ about coming in last place in duos

Fortnite’s World Cup tournament is underway this weekend, and yesterday marked the end of the duos portion of the competition. With a $30 million prize pool on the line, the stakes are high. Some players who didn’t place as highly as they’d hoped are taking things hard right now.

Sam “Twizz” Pearson, a competitor hailing from New Zealand, isn’t happy about his performance at the World Cup — he came in last place, along with his partner, CoverH. This might be enough to discourage some people, but not Twizz. Right now, he’s gaining buzz in the competitive community because he’s being such a good sport about his standing.

On Twitter, Pearson admits he didn’t do so hot — but he’s going to use it as motivation to grind even harder for the future:

In a Twitter direct message, Pearson elaborated that he went into the World Cup believing that top players should play a little more conservatively, in picking their battles with other players as well as resource use. But after participating in the tournament, he’s got a much different idea of what it takes to get ahead in Fortnite.

“I learnt that the best players are the ones that consistently engage and win fights,” he said. “They are confident and aggressive. They don’t avoid fights, they engage them and finish them as quickly as possible.”

It’s a great attitude to have, though I wouldn’t feel too bad about Pearson’s performance. For his time, Pearson still earned $50,000 from the World Cup. Here, too, Pearson seems remarkably level-headed about his plans. He’s not going to blow the money on anything big.

“I want to use it to support myself so I can practice full time,” he said.

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