Go ‘glamping’ with the coziest kit to hit The Sims

Have you ever been worried that you aren’t quite spoiling your Sims kids enough? Well, you’re in luck. On Thursday, the developers announced a set of two new expansion packs for The Sims 4. The first expansion, “Little Campers Kit” will allow you to go glamping in your own backyard with blanket forts. And the second, “Moonlight Chic Kit,” gives your Sims an entire cache of items inspired by Paris. Maxis is scheduled to release both expansion packs on May 26.

Generally speaking, Sims kits cost $4.99 and typically bring a smaller number of items to the game. Promotional materials for the Little Campers Kit shows quaint new items like an outdoor project complete with a tied up bedsheet to project onto. The image also shows other miscellaneous items like a blanket fort, a rocket, what appears to be a cardboard car, and wagon. The Moonlight Chic Kit is a little more glamorous and was inspired by the French influencer Paola Locatelli, a tweet said.

In March, Maxis announced a new update that would enhance the Neighborhood Stories feature and give neighbors more free will. Before that, Maxis also announced a larger wedding pack that brought same-sex marriages to the game and a trove of wedding items.

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