How God Of War PS4's Most Impactful Moment Almost Didn’t Happen

In episode one of GameSpot’s new show Audio Logs, we’re marking the first anniversary of God of War, the acclaimed PS4 reboot of one of PlayStation’s most beloved franchises. Game director Cory Barlog offers his expert insight into how one of the game’s most memorable sequences came together but also almost fell apart. As you might expect, there are God of War spoilers in the video.

Specifically, Barlog discusses Kratos deciding to again wield the Blades of Chaos, his weapons from the previous God of War games that he had hoped to leave in the past. You can find out how their return came together in the video.

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Audio Logs is a new weekly show where GameSpot gives the people behind the games we love the platform to tell the stories of how they’re made. Developing games is a long and tricky process, filled with challenges to overcome, difficult decisions to make, and creative problem-solving. For players, the end result is a magical experience that can stick with us for years to come, or impact us as people profoundly. Audio Logs is a show created to give the people a peek behind the curtain to see the effort that has gone into making the experiences that we hold dear.

Over the course of the first season, we’ll talk to key creative figures behind games like God of War, Dead Cells, Cuphead, Devil May Cry 5, and more. Each of these people will offer expert insight into different aspects of the game they helped give life to and explore some of that magic that took our breath away and made our jaws drop.

For more on God of War, take a look at our full review, in which we awarded it a 9/10. We also crowned God of War one of 2018’s best games, and you can read about why here. If you’d like to see Cory Barlog talk about God of War and bringing nuance to Kratos as a character, check out this feature that looks back on the character and series as a whole.

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