How to Get the Most out of Days Gone

Sure, Days Gone has some problems (as detailed in our Days Gone review), but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a fun ride. It’s a slow build-up, but if you know what to do first and what to focus on, you can get up to speed and get the most out of Days Gone, fast.

Here are the tips and strategies you should know before diving into the Freaker fest that is Days Gone.

Best Skills to Unlock First

Deacon St. John starts out as a relatively average joe without any great abilities. To feel like you can actually take on the numerous Freakers and Hordes out in the Oregon wilderness, you’ll nee to level up and earn skills. We recommend these two first:

  • Field Repairs, which lets you fix melee weapons on the fly.
  • Focus Shot, which lets you slow down time when aiming with a gun.

For more details and suggestions, definitely read Best Skills to Get First.

How to Buy and Store Guns

Yeah, the logic in Days Gone’s gun collection system doesn’t quite click with us. Basically, you can never claim ownership of a gun you find in the open world. Instead, in order to store a gun so you never lose it, you have to buy it. Check out this page for more details and some advice.

  • How to Buy and Store Guns in Days Gone

What Motorcycle Upgrades to Get First

Deacon’s motorcycle is probably the most important thing in the entire game. You need it to get around, to fast travel, and to even prompt some cutscenes. It also needs gas to accomplish all of these things. As such, you’ll want to increase your motorcycle’s speed, gas tank, and durability – and you should prioritize your spending on these things. With that said, you should probably gift the stash you find early in the game to Copeland’s camp, since that’s where you’ll purchase most of your bike upgrades.

  • Should You Give Leon’s Stash to Copeland’s or Tucker’s Camp?

Which Camps to Invest In

You’ll soon learn there are multiple camps in the world of Days Gone, and each of them are beneficial to invest in for entirely different reasons. As we mentioned, Copeland’s Camp is a great place to upgrade your motorcycle early in the game, but you’ll have to earn trust in order to reach the better upgrades. Because of how much time it takes to build trust with specific camps and earn credits to spend, investing in a useless camp can be incredibly disheartening. Check out these pages to know the best camps to invest in, and when to hold off.

  • Best Camps to Invest In for Days Gone
  • How to Earn Trust in Days Gone

How to Fast Travel

Fast traveling in Days Gone isn’t quite as straight-forward as simply unlocking points to travel to. You’ll also need to clear out infestations in-between point A and point B. Check out the full page for complete details on where to unlock fast travel points and more.

  • How to Fast Travel in Days Gone

Which Stat to Increase and More Tips

When you reach your first NERO Site, you’ll be able to choose between increasing Deacon’s Life, Stamina, or Focus. Get a few points in Focus, but prioritize Stamina for most of the game. This resource is used to run and roll away, which could mean life or death if you find yourself in a tough spot. There are a lot of small tips and strategy that, when looked at as a whole, can make a huge difference in your play-through. Don’t miss these 21 tips.

  • 21 Essential Things Days Gone Doesn’t Tell You

Play on the PlayStation 4 Pro

Our reviewer and other players around the office reported that Days Gone suffers from some loading and texture issues. Though Days Gone’s 1.04 patch did decrease loading times significantly, playing on a PlayStation 4 Pro will still noticeably improve general problems like model popping and slow texture loading. So, if you’re able to, we recommend playing on the PS4 Pro to limit tech frustrations.

Don’t Touch That Wire

Last thing – trip wires are no joke. Think you’re going slow enough on your bike that it won’t affect you? Think again. Touching that rope will send you into the air like a cat that just noticed a stealth cucumber. Then you’ll have to spend time fending off bad guys and fixing your bike.

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These guides were written by Casey DeFreitas and Janet Garcia, who have many dozens of days gone working on Days Gone. The best part? This game help is entirely free! If you’re stuck somewhere or are having a difficult time making a decision in Days Gone, we want to hear about it. Leave a comment for us below, or reach out to us directly by hitting the “Was this helpful?” on the bottom of any of these wiki pages linked in this article.


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