Overwatch’s Summer Games will arrive a little early, Hero 31 a little late

At this stage of the game, Overwatch players know what to expect: the annual Summer Games limited time event in August preceded by a new playable character in July. But Blizzard is mixing things up a little bit this year, according to a new developer update from game director Jeff Kaplan. Overwatch’s Summer Games 2019 will take place slightly earlier this year, with the reveal of Hero 31 coming later.

Kaplan didn’t provide a specific release date for Summer Games 2019 — the event typically arrives the first or second week of August — but did say that this year’s event will be a bit different. Blizzard will run three weeklong challenges (a la the recent Baptiste “Reunion” challenge) alongside Summer Games offering three unlockable epic skins.

As for Hero 31, Kaplan said that “he is going to be awesome” — and he emphasized the “he” — but that the developer needs a little more time to make him “even more awesome.” The most recent hero update for Overwatch was Baptiste the support character in March.

Today’s brief developer update also touches on anti-cheat measures. Kaplan says that new cheat detection methods will shut down matches in which foul play is detected, but that no players on either side of the match will have their skill rating (SR) affected by suspected cheaters.

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